Who Makes Napa Floor Jacks

Who Makes Napa Floor Jacks? Lift the Vehicle You’re Working On

A floor jack is a necessity when working on your automobile or any vehicle. Even if you’re replacing a flat tire or switching from winter to summer wheels, you want anything safe and speedy. Furthermore, a floor jack protects your wrists from repetitive motion injuries.

Napa, a well-known brand, is currently gaining popularity with their floor jacks. Napa floor jacks do an outstanding job with this show! But do you know “Who makes napa floor jacks?

NAPA stores and warehouses, controlled by various member firms at the time, soon became the go-to parts providers. In its early years, Carlyle Fraser, the creator of Genuine Parts Company, was a prominent NAPA donor.

Napa floor jacks are well-known for their exceptional performance, lifespan, and dependability. If you want to know more about napa floor jacks, read till the end of this article.

Where are Napa floor jacks made?

Initially, Napa floor jacks were made in the US. I last found it in 1992, but unfortunately, it’s rare nowadays. Most of the products come from China and are assembled in the US due to economic purposes. It will be a miracle to find a produced and assembled product in the US.

You may find some people who don’t trust Chinese products. However, the jacks of the 791 series are excellent, and you will like them. Just make sure that the spare number starts with 791.

Are Napa floor jacks made in America?

Nowadays, it is hard to find US-made Napa floor jacks using 100% American parts. Why? It is because 100% US fresh floor jacks would be so pricey that these models will be out of reach of the general public (mentioned earlier). But it doesn’t mean you don’t get any US-made Napa floor jacks.

Fortunately, Vintage NAPA Floor Jack is the choice you are looking for. Yes, it is made in the USA by Blackhawk, a division of Applied Power. Interestingly, this is even better than today’s’ china made Napa floor jack.

How to use a Napa floor jack?

Napa Floor jacks are essential as well as dangerous to work with. So, you need to know the proper way to use the napa floor jacks. Let’s find out!

Step 1: Workspace setting

Before using the jack, you have to make some preparations. Wear safety glasses, gloves, and footwear for protection. Then, visually inspect the floor jack. 

Pay special attention to your lift valve as it may cause lift problems if damaged, loose, or leaking. Determine the load capacity of the floor jack and ensure it is appropriate for the weight of your vehicle. Remove excess baggage or heavy objects from the car to make it lighter.

Keep your car on a level surface and select a concrete surface. It provides additional stability and keeps the jack stable.

Step 2: Find Jack’s Points

You should place the jack at the vehicle’s lifting points where you will have the soundest leverage. See your vehicle user manual for a list of lifting points. 

The standard attachment points are on the front or rear wheels. There will often be a flat metal rim next to the wheels for inserting a jack. Always check the lifting point, as an incorrect connection can make your jack unstable.

Step 3: Use your jack to raise the car

Once you’ve found your jack points, it’s time to get into your car. If the jack is shaky at any juncture in the procedure, it’s better to replace it to reduce the risk of damaging your car or yourself.

Place your jack below the vehicle’s lifting point. You must position the jack inside the vehicle even closer as possible.

Start pumping your napa floor jack from the handle. Continue the procedure until your jack touches the vehicle frame. Break, check the saddle’s position concerning the lift points and vehicle frame and reset if necessary. 

Additional accessory

Maximum accessories are optional but can increase your safety. The most common tools are jack bases and wheel chocks, which are sometimes included with the jack.

You can place the jack between the ground and raised vehicle to prevent slipping and falling. Once installed, carefully turn the jack grip to lower your vehicle to rest on the jack bases.

You can use the wheel chucks to protect the car from rolling during operation. Insert them under the wheels and ensure they fit snugly.

How much can a napa 3-ton floor jack lift?

The jack’s capacity must correspond to the car you’re working on. Recommendations vary, but you’ll need a jack that can support at least three-quarters of your vehicle’s weight to provide a safe working environment. 

Therefore, a 3 Ton Napa floor jack stands capable of supporting about 6000 pounds. In short, there is no general rule here, and the gross weight of your car is listed in the owner’s handbook.

How much can a napa 3.5-ton floor jack lift?

The 3.5 Ton Napa floor jack usually comes with a load control adjustment to easily attain any lift height. Ideal for both ordinary professional and heavy-duty industrial use.

A Napa floor jack 3.5 ton can quickly raise 7000 pounds. The 3.5-ton professional floor jack increases huge loads rapidly and is built with heavy-duty metal dual-formed flanges for further stability and strength.

How much can a napa floor jack 2-ton jack lift?

A two-ton jack will be enough for most vans and compact automobiles for elevating a corner. A pair of 2-ton jack stands are typically rated for loads of up to 1 ton each. 

To emphasize the obvious, we also want to ensure that everyone understands that 1 ton = 2,000 pounds. So, this Napa 2 Ton Floor Jack with Jack Stands has a 4,000 lb. capacity (about 1,800 kg).

What are the napa floor jack replacement parts?

In contrast to bottle jack shafts, which act vertically, the shaft in a Napa floor jack operates horizontally. Napa floor jacks are available in two sizes and often give a more excellent range of vertical lifts than bottle jacks.

This floor jack may be damaged inside or externally to offer a more excellent range. As a result, you must repair it to function correctly in this manner. 

However, there are a few materials that you must use to fix it. They are the spare parts or kits which you may purchase online. 

We recommend utilizing the primary replacement parts found in a Napa jack. The following one is available for purchase.

Napa 3.5 ton floor jack rebuild kit

All parts for this kit are brand new from the trusted US manufacturers. All components in this kit meet the OEM specifications. The spare parts come from worldwide and are assembled in the US.

Moreover, this kit conceals all the seals of the entire hydraulic unit. If the kit does not fit your model, you can contact the manufacturer and return the product within 30 days.

How do you put fluid in a Napa floor jack?

When using a Napa floor jack, you should keep the fluid level whole to guarantee excellent and safe functioning. 

You must check your liquid level at least once every twelve months and more frequently if you use the jack regularly. The methods below will teach you how to quickly and efficiently replenish a floor jack.

Step 1: Set the floor jack

Set the Napa floor jack on a solid, flat surface. Open the release valve, which lets oil pour into the oil reservoir at the bottom of the jack, and lower the ram piston. Check for any oil leakage around this opening. 

Using a clean rag, clean the area surrounding the release valve. Check out your user handbook to determine where your pressure relief valve is on your specific service jack.

Step 2: Check out the filling valve

Find the oil fill valve. This plug may be buried beneath a detachable cover towards the bottom of an older jack. This plug is usually found at the top of the oil reservoir on modern jacks. 

Once you’ve located the plug, check for any oil seepage around it. After that, clean the area with a rag to avoid contamination during the filling process.

Step 3: Check oil level

Check the oil level after removing the oil filler cap or valve using a torch. The oil level should be one-eighth of an inch below the collar (opening) of the oil filler port.

Step 4: Fill the oil

Fill the oil filling hole with a funnel, then gently pour in a small amount of jack oil. Take the funnel from the table. Wait 15 – 30 seconds for the oil to disperse before using the flashlight technique to verify the amount again.

Step 5: Replace the filter

Now, you may replace the filler plug by screwing or pressing the cap back on. It may take a few minutes to complete the filling process.

Step 6: Finish it off

Using a rag, clean up any fluid spills. Rubbing the oily cloth over the jack is an excellent idea. It will clean the jack, but it will also prevent corrosion.

Final Verdict

Today, NAPA-branded shops and AutoCare Centers provide quality parts and supplies to auto repair experts, do-it-yourselfers, and regular drivers to keep cars, lorries, and equipment running safely and effectively. So, definitely, you may trust this brand! 

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