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Looking for a premium quality electrochemical battery to hoist up your automobile efficiency? Then why not give Duralast Batteries a try? From quality to effectiveness and price, Duralast knows how to set the bars high. But who makes Duralast Batteries?

Autozone owns Duralast Batteries. However, the company doesn’t make it. Instead, it outsources them from Johnson Controls, East Penn Manufacturing, and Exide.

Longing to learn more about the manufacturers? Then steel yourself as the given article answers all your mysterious questions.

Now let’s blow-by-blow and move through the different sections!

Are Duralast batteries good?

A big YES!

Duralast Batteries are probably the best quality car batteries to buy. 

Unlike other batteries, the main focus of these premium product lines is

  • Cold Cranking Amperage CCA
  • Reservation Capacity 

A better CCA battery means your automobile functions smoothly in weather extremes. 

These Duralast Batteries are mostly of 500 or 550 CCA. 

Imagine being in a cold forest, with a temperature around -17 degree Celsius, and your car starts within 30 seconds of warm-up. Unbelievable, but that’s the truth!

Moreover, they have a high reservation capacity. It further adds to the smooth functioning in one run. 

Gold ones have an RC of 150 minutes, while Platinum has 200 minutes.

These Duralast batteries are highly durable and absorbent. 

They are made of Calcium and Polypropylene. 

Both these chemicals have shock absorptive and vibration reduction properties. 

What type of battery is Duralast gold?  

Looking for a car that runs for an extended time even after being put in idle mode for hours? Then Duralast Gold is the safest bet to go for. 

It is one of the top-notch batteries by manufacturers. Here is a quick see-through of what makes Duralast Batteries stand up of the row:

  • Cold Cranking Amps

The gold version is one of the most well-sought versions, with nearly 750 CCA. 

It means you can drive your cat smoothly even at temperatures as low as 0°F. Isn’t it just mind-boggling?

  • Vent Caps and Polypropylene 

It is made of Polypropylene and covered with vent caps. 

These two compositions, when aligned together, increase lifespan and efficiency. It helps to avoid shocks and reduce vibrations.

  • Reserve Capacity 

It has a reserve capacity of 150 minutes (3 hours). So, even on a single charge cell, you can go further for up to 3 hours.

And I guess that much detail is more than enough to make up your mind, isn’t it?

Moreover, they come in different sizes to fit all the cars. Last but not least, they are quite budget-friendly. 

This means they are surely not gonna hit your bucks. So, cheer up!

Duralast Gold batteries and Their Origin 

Now that we are pretty well up with the specifications, let’s toggle through the origin. 

Duralast Gold Batteries are the most sold battery type of Autozone. 

They are manufactured by Johnson Controls-American Irish-domiciled conglomerate company. 

Johnson Controls has been making Duralast Batteries since its very start. 

However, since Johnson Controls is sold to Clarios, the batteries are made under Clarios manufacturers. But the quality delivered is yet the same!

  • Where are Duralast gold batteries made?

Johnson Controls has its headquarters in Ireland. However, it has various outlets worldwide with more than 2000 locations. 

However, its battery manufacturing plants are in 

  • Wichita
  • Norman
  • Austria
  • Kansas
  • U.S.
  • Oklahoma

Who sells duralast gold car batteries?

Fortunately, duralast gold car batteries are available both on-site and online.

So, you can either visit the physical outlet of Autozone near you. Another option is to buy one from their online store, i.e., https://www.autozone.com/batteries-starting-and-charging/battery/b/duralast-gold/4294961947.

It is also available on various eCommerce websites like Walmart, Amazon, Autozone Parts, etc.

The Manufacturer of Duralast AGM Batteries

Only the Duralast platinum batteries come with an AGM layer. Therefore, we can categorize platinum and AGM batteries as the same ones. 

When talking particularly about the platinum line, East Penn Manufacturing is the only manufacturer. 

It is the world’s largest lead-acid AGM battery producer. 

All the batteries made by it have high CCA. The best part is their AGM property. 

All the plates are covered with 95% battery acid. As a result, your automobile gets immune to intense vibrations.

  • Are Duralast AGM Batteries good?

Yes, Duralast AGM Batteries are more than perfect. I, myself bought it two years ago. To be honest, it functions smoothly with zero need for maintenance. 

They have a CCA of 740 amperes. It means they have a far better starting power at -17°C.

Its reserve temperature is around 200 minutes, a great perk up.

The property that helps it get an edge over gold batteries is its spill-proof design. So you don’t have to worry about leakage. 

Moreover, it comes with a warranty of 3 years.

  • Where are AGM batteries produced?

East Penn Manufacturers manufacture duralast AGM batteries. 

They have only a single manufacturing plant that operates in Lyons, Pennsylvania. 

So, all the Platinum AGM batteries are made there and later exported to different regions.

  • Does East Penn Manufacturing make batteries for Duralast only?


It produces various other well sought batteries for several brands like

  • Deka Battery
  • Rayovac Car Battery
  • Duracell
  • AUX Battery
  • Intimidator
  • Napa
  • Harley Davidson
  • MK Battery

Facts and Features of Duralast Marine Batteries

Having a battery that bursts your marine vehicle of power within minimal time is no less than a blessing. 

However, manufacturing and finding one has never been easy. 

But with the Duralast Marine Batteries, all your struggle comes to an end. 

These batteries are highly resistant, easy to power, have long reserve time, and extended lifespan.

  • What are the two types of Duralast Marine Batteries?

Duralast currently has two types of marine batteries:

  1. Starting Battery
  2. Deep Cycle Battery 

The Starting Battery has more CCA (nearly 800) to power up the boat in cold water within no time.

On the other hand, the deep cycle battery runs the motor and undergoes deep charges to maintain a smooth output. 

  • Are Duralast Marine Batteries good?


Duralast Marine Batteries are a good deal to make. They come with the following:

  • Patent Grid and thick plates to ensure a steady current flow
  • Sodium Welds that help prevent corrosion and improve wear and tear in the marine environment 
  • Vent Caps to nullify the chances of leakage
  • Suspended in a 3:1 ratio of Sulphuric Acid and Water
  • Formulated to have an extended lifespan with smooth running 

Basic duralast car batteries 

These are the oldest and the most basic batteries made by Duralast. It has a high-density paste that helps extend these duralast batteries’ lifespan. Moreover, it prevents the inner material from getting soft or corroded. This contributes to increasing the durability of the car.

  • Who makes Duralast car batteries?

Being the oldest one, this battery category is manufactured by both Johnson Controls (Clarios) and Exide. 

However, no information regarding whether East Penn makes them or not is available out there.

  • Some Features of Basic Duralast Car Batteries 
    • 12 Volt efficiency
    • 500 or 625 CCA
    • Lightweight
    • Reserve capacity of 85 minutes 
    • Polypropylene frame to absorb and withstand sudden shocks and vibrations

Duralast gold battery vs. Interstate: My Opinion   

Both Duralast gold and Interstate are top-notch battery brands. Each one of the two functions equally well in their respective ways. 

Therefore, crowning one of the two is quite challenging. 

However, there are some points where I found Duralast hits better than Interstate. 

And thus, it manages to get an edge over the latter. These include 

  • Duralast has higher CCA than Interstate Batteries 
  • Duralast Batteries have a longer replacement time (2 to 3 years) than Interstate batteries (6 to 12 months)
  • The former ones charge faster and have high reserve time than Interstate. 

Duralast gold battery vs. diehard: Is Duralast or Diehard better?

MODELDuralast BasicGoldPlatinum MarineRedSilverGoldPlatinum
WARRANTY 2 to 3 years Red- 1 yearSilver- 2 yearsGold- 3 yearsPlatinum-4 years
RESERVE CAPACITY Duralast Basic: 85 to 130 minutesGold: 150 minutes Platinum: 200 minutesRed: 80 minutesSilver: 120 minutes Gold: 150 minutes 

So, both Duralast and Diehard have equally competitive features. 

Let it be CCA, reserve time, maintenance, or quality; both give an equal level of pegging.

Best Duralast Batteries 

Specifications Duralast Platinum EFB Battery H7-EFB Group Size H7 770 CCADuralast Gold Battery H7-DLG Group Size 94R 800 CCADuralast Battery H5-DL Group Size H5 550 CCA
Reserve Capacity 150 min140 min100 min
Cracking Amperage (CA)960A1000A685A
Cold Cranking Amperage (CCA)770A800A550A
Amp Hour85Ah80Ah54Ah
Warranty 3 years3 years3 years
Price $299.99$209.99$179.99

The warranty and return policy of Duralast Batteries: 

The return policy of Duralast batteries allows you to return all the batteries within 90 days of buying. You can also exchange them.

Moving on to the warranty, different models come with different warranty periods. 

On average, most of them come with 2 to 3 years of warranty. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1 Are duralast platinum batteries good?

Yes, Duralast Platinum batteries come with various perks. They have sound and sturdy buildup, are leakage-proof and have a 740 reserve capacity. 

Q.2 Are duralast deep cycle batteries any good?

Yes, The Duralast deep cycle batteries are top-of-the-line batteries. They come with 85 Amperage per hour and 800+ CCA that help your engine function smoothly. 

Q.3 Is a duralast gold battery an AGM battery?

No, Duralast Gold Battery is not an AGM battery. Instead, the duralast platinum batteries have AGM. The absorbed glass mat covering helps to absorb shocks and vibrations. 

Q.4 Who makes Duralast AGM batteries?

There are three known manufacturers of Duralast:

  • Clarios (Johnson Controls)
  • East Penn Manufacturing 
  • Exide

However, Duralast AGM and Duralast Platinum are majorly made by East Penn Company. 

Q.5 Are duralast marine batteries good?

There is no second thought that duralast marine batteries are one of the finest options. 

They have extra covering and exceptionally high CCA. It helps to start the boats easily, even in extremely cold times of the year too.

The Final Verdict 

If you long for a top-tier automotive battery, nothing but Duralast fits the best. Autozone owns it. 

However, Autozone is not the manufacturer. Instead, it outsources them from three brands:

  1. Clarios (previously Johnson Controls)
  2. East Penn
  3. Exide

So, brace up, evaluate your best match, and buy one to fuel up your travel game!

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