Who Makes Motorcraft Batteries

Who Makes Motorcraft Batteries?

Do you own a Ford vehicle and use Motorcraft batteries? The battery label shows the brand name but does not mention the manufacturer. That’s why I was wondering, who makes Motorcraft batteries? After a little bit of digging, I found the answer.

Johnson Controls International makes Motorcraft batteries. Although Motorcraft is part of Ford’s auto parts brand, they do not make the batteries themselves. Instead, the American Irish multinational conglomerate Johnson Controls and a few other third-party manufacturers make these batteries for Motorcraft.

What are those other companies, and are Motorcraft batteries any good? Let’s find out everything about Ford’s Motorcraft batteries.

Motorcraft Batteries history

Ford initially introduced Motorcraft batteries in the 1950s. But Ford discontinued the project and acquired Autolite to make and sell automotive parts. Later the company had to give up Autolite, and Motorcraft was founded in 1972.

Besides batteries, some of Motorcraft’s popular products are spark plugs, brakes, A/C condensers and accumulators, fuel filters, motor oil, etc. 

Who manufactures Motorcraft batteries?

Johnson Controls International is the main manufacturer of Motorcraft batteries. The company headquarter is located in Cork, Ireland. It has its production facilities in six countries.

Motorcraft batteries are mainly made in the USA and Mexico. If you are living in the USA, it’s most likely that the battery you have is made in the USA.

Who makes Motorcraft batteries for ford?

All Ford vehicles include Motorcraft batteries when you buy them. Though you can replace the batteries with other brands, Motorcraft is a better fit for Ford.

There are mainly four manufacturers who make Motorcraft batteries for Ford. They are:

  1. John Controls International
  2. Delco
  3. GNB
  4. Exide

These companies make Motorcraft batteries that Ford uses on Lincoln, Mercury, and Ford vehicles. Motorcraft batteries are rarely used in different brands’ vehicles.

Who makes Motorcraft auto batteries?

Johnson Controls International not only makes Motorcraft auto batteries but also manufactures interstate, energizer, and older diehards for Ford’s Motorcraft.

They make the Motorcraft auto batteries following the latest technology. It ensures that the products are of the highest quality and provide the best performance.

Who sells Motorcraft batteries?

Ford owns the Motorcraft, and they also distribute and sell Motorcraft batteries. However, Ford doesn’t sell the batteries alone. Lincoln-Mercury and other third-party sellers sell Motorcraft batteries to help Ford reach customers more efficiently.

Where do I find Motorcraft Batteries?

You can find Motorcraft batteries in all Ford and Lincoln-Mercury dealership showrooms. The outlets are available all over the USA. You can find the nearest location on Motorcraft’s official website.

Besides, you can find Motorcraft batteries in selected third-party auto parts stores and online stores such as Amazon.

Benefits of Motorcraft Batteries

Motorcraft batteries are quite good compared to other brands. Some of the benefits of Motorcraft batteries are:

  1. They provide long-lasting performance.
  2. Alloy and grid design offers excellent performance in high heat.
  3. Tough Max state-of-the-art technology reduces the recharging time.

Motorcraft battery price:

Depending on the battery model, the Motorcraft battery price will vary from $100 to $300 or more. For instance, Motorcraft BXL40R costs $119.95, while the Motorcraft Battery Group Size 96R costs $149.95.

Note: The prices are subject to change at any time.

What is the warranty on a Motorcraft battery?

Motorcraft’s BXT Tested Tough Max Batteries come with 100 months of warranty with a free replacement guarantee for the first 36 months. 

Plus, the BXT Tested Tough Plus from Motorcraft includes 84 months of warranty with free replacement within 18 months of purchase.

If you face any issues with your Motorcraft Batteries, you can visit your dealer to claim your warranty.

How do I claim my Motorcraft battery warranty?

The warranty for Motorcraft batteries starts from the day you make the purchase. You need to show the purchase receipt and the warranty sticker that is attached to the top corner of the battery.

The sticker’s serial number and the battery serial number must match each other. Plus, the invoice should also mention the same serial number as a proof-of-purchase.

Motorcraft battery chart 

Here’s a quick look at the Motorcraft battery series chart:

BatteryComparison Data
Tested Tough Max12-volt post terminals
12-volt side terminals
12-volt dual terminals
Tested Tough Plus12-volt post terminals
12-volt side terminals
12-volt dual terminals
A1 Power Series12-volt post terminals
12-volt side terminals
12-volt dual terminals
Super Duty Truck and SUV Series12-volt post terminals
12-volt side terminals
Fleet Tough/Commercial Series12-volt
12-volt deep cycle
Golf/Utility6-volt deep cycle 


  1. Does Walmart sell Motorcraft batteries?

Walmart does not sell Motorcraft batteries. However, you can find Motorcraft Battery accessories such as starter cable and cable easily at Walmart. Other Motorcraft products are also available in this popular store.

  1. Does AutoZone sell Motorcraft batteries?

Motorcraft batteries are not available in AutoZone. As an alternative, AutoZone sells DuraLast batteries for Ford vehicles. Not to mention, you can find Motorcraft’s transmission fluid, synthetic oil, spark plugs, and other automotive parts in AutoZone.

  1. How long do Motorcraft car batteries last?

Motorcraft car batteries usually last around five to seven years, depending on how well you treat them. You can find the date code on the label of the battery. It will look similar to “S116.” Here, 11 means November, and 6 means 2006, the date when the battery was made.

  1. How long does a Ford Motorcraft battery last?

If you treat your Ford Motorcraft battery well, it may last from four to as long as seven years. You need to charge the battery fully and regularly drive to get a long-lasting performance.

  1. How long do Motorcraft Max batteries last?

Motorcraft’s BXT Tested Tough Max Battery lineup is one of the best from the brand. They usually come with 100 months of warranty, which means you can expect Motorcraft Max Batteries to last a little more than eight years.


Now, you should not have any doubt about who makes Motorcraft batteries. In total, four companies make the batteries for Ford’s Motorcraft. The crucial thing is that these batteries are one of the best qualities on the market.

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