Who Makes Craftsman Chainsaws

Who Makes Craftsman Chainsaws?

Whenever you think of top Chainsaw brands, Craftsman will come to mind. But due to many changes in their ownership, you may be curious to know who makes Craftsman chainsaws.

Stanley Black & Decker owns and manufactures Craftsman chainsaws after it acquired the brand from Sears in 2016. Before that, though Sears owned Craftsman, they never manufactured chainsaws or other tools. Instead, they outsourced them from manufacturers like Husqvarna.

That was a quick snapshot of the answer to your question. But there is a lot to unravel about the manufacturing of Craftsman chainsaws. Stay tuned with me till the end to learn everything about manufacturers and owners of the Craftsman chainsaws.

About Craftsman chainsaws:

Craftsman first started its operation under the brand Sears in 1927, and currently, Stanley Black & Decker owns it. It is a famous and reliable brand that sells chainsaws and other power tools, hand tools, garden equipment, work gear, and much more.

Though it has had multiple owners over the years, it has always focused on manufacturing and selling good quality chainsaws. Whether you want a chainsaw for doing small woodcutting jobs at home or for professional sawing, you can always select Craftsman tools.

Types of Craftsman chainsaws

Depending on your purpose, you may want to purchase a different Craftsman. It offers various types of chainsaws:

  • Gas-powered: If you need chainsaws for professional purposes, then you must go for the Craftsman gas-powered chainsaws. These tools run on gas and are the most powerful. They can do the toughest sawing jobs with ease.
  • Corded electric: Corded electric chainsaws run on electricity and are also quite powerful to carry out any woodcutting jobs that require medium to high strength. Keep in mind that you will need a power source near your workstation to use corded electric chainsaws.
  • Cordless: Cordless electric chainsaws are compact and handy. They run on batteries and are usually suitable for small jobs. That is why they are the best option if you do woodcutting occasionally at home. 

If you want to purchase a chainsaw, you can check the following table for the best Craftsman chainsaws in each category:

Features/ModelCraftsman 41BY4218791 S185 42cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch Lightweight Gas Powered ChainsawCraftsman Electric Chainsaw, 16-Inch, 12-Amp (CMECS600)Craftsman V20* Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch (CMCCS620M1)
Power source Gasoline Electricity Battery 
Chain length 18-inches16-inches12-inches
Chain speed High44.0044.0
Power 3.2hp3.5hp20v & 4ah
Cutting thickness 16-inches14-inches10-inches
Dimensions ‎31.25 x 9.75 x 11.25 inches18.63 x 11.94 x 8.37 inches26.94 x 9.03 x 10.88 inches
Made in ChinaChinaChina 

What Company Makes Craftsman Chainsaws?

Sears was the original owner of Craftsman chainsaws. But interestingly, Sears never manufactured any Craftsman tools, not even chainsaws. They hired several manufacturers who would make them chainsaws following their specifications at the lowest price.

However, recently Stanley Black & Decker acquired Craftsman and is making chainsaws. The company manufactures Craftsman chainsaws. Not to mention, Stanley Black & Decker wants to manufacture chainsaws and other tools in the USA, which is why they announced the construction of a manufacturing plant in northern Fort Worth, Texas.

Some of the Craftsman tools are already being manufactured in the USA. But all the Craftsman chainsaws are made in China, and MTD products import them to the USA. It is one of the reasons why Craftsman chainsaws are more affordable than others. Even though they are made in China, they are still of excellent quality.

Who made old Craftsman chainsaws?

Sears have never specifically disclosed who made the chainsaws for them. Husqvarna is believed to be the manufacturer of old Craftsman chainsaws. Besides, Moore Drop Forging, Stanley, Apex Tool Group, and Techtronic Industries are some Craftsman tool manufacturers.

Who owns Craftsman chainsaws?

Sears was the founding owner of Craftsman chainsaws. But later, due to losing business, Sears sold Craftsman to Stanley Black & Decker in 2016. A short while after, in 2018, Sears announced itself bankrupt.

However, though Stanley Black & Decker acquired Craftsman, Sears made a deal to own the copyright-free license of the brand name Craftsman for 15 years. Today, the company still holds a few shares of the Craftsman.

Who makes Craftsman chainsaw engines?

Stanley Black & Decker makes the Craftsman engines. Every part of the Craftsman chainsaws, including the engines, is made in China. After assembling the chainsaw in China, they are imported and sold in the USA and in other countries.

Is Craftsman and Poulan the same?

No, Craftsman and Poulan are not the same company or brand. While Black & Decker owns Craftsman, Husqvarna owns Poulan. However, Husqvarna used to manufacture many Craftsman chainsaws, which is why Craftsman and Poulan chainsaws have a lot of similarities.

Is Craftsman chainsaw any good?

Craftsman chainsaws are good and powerful enough to carry out sawing jobs comfortably. You can expect a good quality Craftsman chainsaw to last at least 10 years or more.

One of the reasons I like Craftsman chainsaws is because of its wide range of product lineups. It has something for every customer segment. You can check the table at the beginning of this article to find the best Craftsman chainsaw that fits your needs.


To sum up, Sears started Craftsman chainsaws, but today it is Stanley Black & Decker that makes Craftsman chainsaws. These Chinese-made chainsaws are as good as other top brands such as Stihl and Husqvarna. If you have a tight budget, I will definitely recommend you go for Craftsman chainsaws.

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