Who Makes Kirkland Vodka

Who Makes Kirkland Vodka? Actual information

When you talk about tasty vodkas, Kirkland Signature is one of the first names that come into mind. The rumors state that Grey Goose makes Kirkland’s vodka. But Grey Goose has always denied the claim.

Then who makes Kirkland vodka? According to the certificate approved by The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, who is the regulator of alcohol importation and sales, LeVecke Corp. in Mira Loma, California, produces Kirkland Vodka.

The detailed discussion about the topic will eliminate all your confusion about the actual producer of Kirkland.

Let’s get going!

Who Makes kirkland vodka manufacturer?

Besides Kirkland, Grey Goose is another good brand for vodka. There has been a popular rumor for years that Grey Goose produces Kirkland’s vodka, and Kirkland is actually Grey Goose’s sub-brand.

It’s not uncommon for companies to produce and sell products in different brand names. That’s why the question of who makes Kirkland signature vodka has been stronger over the years.

But Grey Goose’s Global Head of Education, Joe McCanta, put a stop to the rumor. He claimed the rumor is false and Grey Goose is not involved in the production of Kirkland Vodka.

When I dug a little deeper into the topic, I found some interesting information. It proves that the rumor we believed to be true is actually false. Grey Goose is not the producer of Kirkland Vodka.

Then who is it? I have already mentioned in the beginning that LeVecke Corp. is the original manufacturer of Kirkland Signature Vodka.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is a bureau of the US Department of Treasury. It controls and regulates the tobacco, alcohol, and firearm trades and imports within the country.

The TTB approved the operation of Kirkland in the United States, providing a certificate as a legal document. This certificate clearly states that LeVecke Corp. produces Kirkland Signature Vodka in Mira Loma, California.

On the other hand, Grey Goose’s certificate states that all of their products are produced in France and imported to the United States. From harvesting to distillation and bottling, everything is done in France.

Now there is no confusion about who makes Kirkland Vodka. But are you looking forward to learning more about LeVecke Corporation? Then keep scrolling!

About LeVecke Corporation

LeVecke Corporation is an independent family-owned business. It was founded in 1949 by William R. LeVecke with his two sons, Reed and Neil LeVecke. Neil LeVecke is the current president of the company.

LeVecke Corporation is one of the leading producers and wholesale distributors of alcohol and spirits. The company also helps other brands to build their brand identity, import and distribute products and represent national companies to the global market.

If you look at the financial performance of LeVecke Corporation, it’s doing pretty well with its fourth-generation LeVecke family members. It generates more than a million-dollar revenue each year.

The major companies to whom LeVecke Corporation serves are Costco, Vons, Safeway, SuperValu, and Kroger. Kirkland is part of Costco’s partnership with LeVecke Corporation. If you didn’t know, Costco is the parent company for Kirkland Signature.

About Costco

Costco Wholesale Corporation is a multinational corporation with offices in 894 locations around the globe. It is the world’s 5th largest retailer company. Recently in 2021, it ranked number 10 on Fortune 500 in the case of total revenue in the United States.

Costco has a wide range of product lines. The company sells clothing, books, caskets, fine wine, meat, vacuum cleaners, tires, etc.

Kirkland Signature has been the private label of Costco since 1992. It also has a wide product line and sells shirts, coffee, vodka, etc. The main idea behind the brand was to offer high-quality products at a lower cost.

Today, more than one-third of Costco’s total revenue comes from Kirkland. More interestingly, Kirkland’s sales are growing faster than Costco Wholesale. Similar to LeVecke Corporation, Starbucks provides some of the coffee products of Kirkland Signature.

Where does Kirkland get its vodka?

Several sources said that Kirkland distills water from the same sources as Grey Goose. They both distill water from Cognac, France, for producing Vodka. While Grey Goose distilled its water only once, Kirkland Signature French Vodka claims to distill water five times. 

However, Kirkland keeps the ingredients they use on their vodka a secret. But I have heard that Grey Goose is the only wheat-based Vodka that comes from France.

Is Kirkland vodka good quality?

Although Kirkland doesn’t reveal its Vodka ingredients, there is no doubt that the process varies from brand to brand. As a result, the tastes differ too. Now the question is if Kirkland vodka is of good quality and tastes good?

Kirkland Vodka is quite a popular option among Vodka consumers. It has been seen that Kirkland always wins blind tests against Grey Goose and other vodka brands. 

Final Words

I hope now you know what rumor is and what is reality. The truth is, LeVecke Corporation is behind the amazing tastes of Kirkland Signature Vodka. If you are looking for good quality Vodka at a reasonable price, I am sure Kirkland can satisfy you.

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