Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls?

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls? (Everything you Should Know)

As a golfer, you, hopefully, are looking for a golf ball that offers superb performance and durability. Though golf isn’t a cheap sport, golfers typically want budget-friendly equipment. If you have a little idea on this field, hope that you know the Kirkland golf ball. Kirkland golf ball is ideal for those who want excellent quality at a reasonable price. 

You may have a question like, who makes Kirkland golf balls? Well, the Kirkland golf ball is made by Costco. It started its business in 1976 but started selling golf balls in 2016. Sadly, its first experience wasn’t blissful because of the quality issue. Later on, in 2020, it came back with the Signature 3-piece V2.0 golf ball which got a friendly response from the users. 

In the following, you will get in-depth information on this Kirkland golf ball. 

Is a Kirkland Golf Ball a good golf ball?

The features of a Kirkland golf ball are quite good. It offers blissful results while testing. Here we enlist some noteworthy amenities.

  • We find a great deal of distance after hitting the fairway. Plus, the person with mid to high swing speeds won’t face any issue while compressing the ball. Note: You may face difficulty covering the full distance with a slower speed using this golf ball. 
  • Many golfers demand short game spin while choosing the golf ball. This ball comes with a responsive cover and unique dimple pattern which help to stop this ball in the exact location. Plus, this ball gives you a premium feel.  

Who Makes Kirkland Golf ?

Behind the Kirkland golf, we found the name Costco. Back in 1976 in San Diego, Sol Price and his son started a Price Club warehouse under the name of Costco. After that, Costco has gone through multiple acquisitions and mergers, and longer product lists. 

Currently, this company sells its products internationally using 804 warehouses. Most of the warehouses (558) are located in the USA. Costco established its 1st warehouse in Seattle in 1983. Those warehouses or retail outlets offered multiple products like Pharmacy, groceries, Optical equipment, and travel equipment. 

In 2016, it released the Kirkland Signature golf ball and started selling golf equipment. Also, that year, Costco added a set of 3 Kirkland Signature wedges on its selling item. 

Sad to say, that golf ball couldn’t meet the quality. Plus the Acushnet Holdings Corporation filed a lawsuit. Hence the manufacturer withdrew their golf ball (Signature 4-piece) from the market. 

That issue was settled in 2018. Moreover, Costco’s merchandising VP mailed that those who brought their product will get a refund. 

Costco came back in 2020 by addressing the quality-related issue. Then it released the Signature 3-piece V2.0 golf ball. Manufacturers use urethane cover to ensure good quality. Luckily, that ball didn’t get any complaints; instead, it received blissful reviews from the user. 

Are Kirkland golf balls the same as Pro V1?

Titleist golf balls are an ideal choice for those who want top-quality, durable, blissful speed and performance at a premium price. Alternatively, you can choose the Kirkland golf ball because of its offered quality at an affordable price. Those two balls are renowned names among the golfers. 

But the question is, are those two balls the same? Let’s reveal that from the following discussion. 


  • Construction: 

Typically, a golf ball comes with any of the three categories like multi-layered, 2-piece, or 3-piece. In the 2-piece golf ball, the core is larger than the cover. 

Moreover, in the 3-piece golf ball, you will find 2 or more layers under the cover. Both Titleist and Kirkland offer multi-layered golf balls which give you blissful spin and green control. 

  • Cover: 

Both Kirkland and Titleist use urethane cover on the outer part of the ball. That material will give good distance and speed. 

  • Performance: 

We find similarities in the construction and materials of both golf balls. Hopefully, it can be easily assumed that both will give you almost the same performance. The control is also blissful which helps the player to get the desired result. 

  • Distance: 

Both golf balls are made of soft feel covers called urethane. That cover seems useful to cover a long-distance. 

  • Speed: 

The same material and construction make both golf balls perfect to offer great speed off the tee. 

Difference: Titleist Golf Ball vs Kirkland Golf Ball

ParticularsTitleist Golf BallKirkland Golf Ball
DurabilityRenowned for durabilityNot much more durable than the Titleist. 
DistanceTagged with the fastest golf ball and performed excellently on the wedge, seven iron and driver.It also covers a good distance. But the 3-piece Kirkland golf ball offers horrible performance on the driver. 
PricePremium priceAffordable
Titleist Golf Ball vs Kirkland Golf Ball

Some best Kirkland Golf Balls

Kirkland Signature Four-Piece

Kirkland introduced this popular golf ball in 2016. You can enjoy an outstanding performance at ridiculously low prices. The manufacturer uses the four-piece construction to make it suitable for greater distance. Plus, the Urethane cover will give you excellent control over the ball. 

Also, the cover will ensure a soft feel without sacrificing distance, straight flight path, durability, and speed. The outer core construction will give blissful results to low swing to high swing players. 

Kirkland Signature 3-Piece

Costco introduced the Kirkland Signature 3-piece in 2018. This golf ball also got noteworthy success after launch because of its excellent ground performance. The core is large, soft, and highly elastic which will aid to cover a blissful distance. 

The cover will ensure greater control and generate spin to get your desired results on the green. Another notable feature is dimple design which improves the aerodynamic of the golf ball during flight.

Kirkland Signature Performance One Golf Ball

Our last pick is an improved version of the original K-Sig golf ball. Unlike other golf balls, the manufacturer uses a urethane cover, but it differs from the Tour Performance. Plus, the inner core is smaller, but you will get more distance and spin. 

Another noteworthy feature is its extra layer which will give you more control on the green and longer distance. However, here lies a 338-dimple pattern to ensure better aerodynamics. We found a downside like poor durability, for that the authority refunded the buyer. 

Kirkland Signature 3 vs 4 Review


That’s all from us of the question on “who makes Kirkland golf balls”. We try to cover all the relevant information regarding your query. However, if you find any missing parts, then knock us through the comment section. 

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