Who Makes Lionhart Tires

Who Makes Lionhart Tires? are They Good

Tires are crucial for a safe driving experience. If you have a tight budget and want a good option, you can always consider Lionhart tires. To be sure whether the tires are good or not, you may want to know who makes Lionhart tires.

Sentury Tires make Lionhart tires. Though Turbo Wholesale tires own the brand and handle the distribution, Sentury Tires manufacture the tires for them. Sentury Tire is a China-based company and one of the biggest tire manufacturers in terms of sales.

A brief answer might not be enough to determine whether the tires are good or bad. Hence, continue scrolling to learn everything about the manufacturer of Lionhart tires and learn how good they are. 

How good are Lionhart tires?

Lionhart tires are one of the best options in the budget tire segment. Even though the price is low, in terms of quality and performance, Lionhart is top-class.

Lionhart tires are quite durable. Depending on which model you are purchasing, they can serve you for around 50,000 miles.

Some people will tell you that Lionhart tires are noisy, but that is true for only a few cheap models. Overall, the Lionhart tires are quiet and come with excellent traction.

Who makes Lionhart tires?

Sentury Tires makes Lionhart tires for Turbo Wholesale tires. Turbo Wholesale tires own Lionhart tires but don’t manufacture the products. They only outsource Sentury Tires for manufacturing.

Sentury Tires is one of the largest Asian manufacturers of tires. According to the trade publication “Tire Business,” Sentury Tires was the 50th largest tire maker in the world.

Its headquarter is located in China. The company has a manufacturing factory in China and also in Thailand. Sentury Tires is currently planning to open an R&D facility in the USA.

Does Lexani make Lionhart tires?

No, Lexani doesn’t make Lionhart tires. They are separate brands, and different companies manufacture their tires. While Sentury Tires manufacture Lionhart tires, a South Korean-based company named Nexen Tires of America makes Lexani tires.

However, there’s a rumor that Sentury Tires makes both Lexani and Lionhart tires. But there is no conclusive evidence available to confirm that. Not to mention, Turbo Wholesale tires distributes both Lionhart and Lexani tires.

Where are Lionhart tires made: Are Lionhart tires Chinese?

Yes, Lionhart tires are Chinese. You already know that Turbo Wholesale tires own Lionhart. It’s a USA-based company, but Sentury Tires makes these tires, and it’s a Chinese-based company.

The main manufacturing factory of Sentury Tires is located in China which was built in 2009. Then the company also built a factory in Thailand in 2015. But the Lionhart tires are mainly made in the Chinese plant of Sentury Tires.

Is Lionhart a good tire brand?

Yes, Lionhart is a good tire brand. There is a misconception that Chinese products are not good quality, but that’s not true. As these tires are made in China, they are available at a lower price.

Sentury Tires use the latest technology and unique fitment to ensure Lionhart tires can offer superior performance. Lionhart is committed to offering the best quality tires at an affordable price. Hence, Lionhart is undoubtedly a good tire brand.

Who sells Lionhart tires?

Turbo Wholesale tires are the official distributor of Lionhart tires. It has a 300,000-square-foot facility in Irwindale, CA. You can contact Turbo Wholesale to become a dealer of Lionhart tires along with other tire brands such as Lexani, Bridgestone, Yokohama, and more.

However, you can visit various online stores for retail units. Lionhart tires are available at Amazon, Walmart, Discounted Wheel Warehouse, Sears, TireEasy, and other stores.

Best tires from Lionhart

There is no doubt that Lionhart tires are quite good. If you have already made a decision to purchase a Lionhart tire for your vehicle, then you may want to know what is the best Lionhart tire.

The following table may help you:

Features/ModelLionhart LH-FIVE Performance Radial Tire – 245/35R20 95WLionhart LH-503 All-Season Radial Tire – 215/45R17 91WLionhart LH-503 225/50R17XL 98W BSW
SeasonsNon-winterAll seasonsNon-winter 
Rim size20 inches17 inches17 inches
Section width 245 mm215 mm225 mm
Aspect ratio
Speed rating WWW
Load Capacity 1521 pounds1356 pounds1653 pounds
Tread depth‎9.8 32nds10.1 32nds10.1 Inches
Tread diameter26.824.630.0

Do Lionhart tires have warranty?

Yes, Lionhart tires have a warranty. You will get a 30,000 to 40,000 miles warranty, depending on which model you are buying. It’s worth mentioning that most Lionhart tires have a higher average lasting time, and you may not need to claim your warranty. But still, it feels good to have a warranty to stay on the safer side.

Lionhart tire price ranges

On average, the Lionhart price varies between $66 to $227. It falls on the cheaper side compared to the premium brands, whose tires cost more than $2,000.


Now you know who makes Lionhart tires. In short, Sentury Tires makes them, and Turbo Wholesale tires distribute them. If you are on a tight budget, you can go for Lionhart, or else you may consider looking for some premium brands to get better performance.

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