Who Makes Eastwood Paint?

A complete Guide on: Who Makes Eastwood Paint?

Picking the right paint for your project is really daunting, right? If you have already researched this arena, hopefully, you know Eastwood. Eastwood offers various types of painting options along with painting tools. You can easily choose the correct one from this brand.  

But, who makes Eastwood paint? Actually, Curt Strohacker is the person who works behind commencing the Eastwood journey. He started the journey in 1978. Later on, Eastwood started their production in Pottstown, Pennsylvania in November 1999. But, the production started in the swing in 2000. They got a huge investment from Kian Capital. 

To get more detailed on this topic, let’s scroll down the following. 

Who makes Eastwood paint?

Curt  Strohacker started offering a service in 1978 to customization hobbyists and auto restoration. Later on, he named that service Eastwood. Since then, Eastwood has been working in this field with a reputation for providing top-quality painting products. 

They had a big move in November 1999, when they established their headquarters, warehouse, and retail store in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. But, Eastwood completed their complete reallocation of the production facility in July 2000. Kian Capital is the parent company of the Eastwood brand, they have a huge investment in this company. 

Apart from Eastwood, this company has two other brands like Rockwood and Fairmont. Eastwood offers various professional-grade automotive equipment, tools, and supplies for the automotive DIY community. It has a well-experienced research & development team with in-depth product development knowledge. 

That team is committed to bringing innovative solutions to the market. Currently, they produce 19 new basecoat colors and nine new single-stage urethane automotive paint colors to ensure a blissful auto DIY. 

Also, you will find high-temperature paints, exterior basecoats, and urethanes, pinstriping paints. Plus, Eastwood offers tools to DIY auto bodies like abrasive blast and powder coating equipment, abrasive blast, etc. 

How good is Eastwood paint?

Eastwood has been working in the painting and other automotive coating and restoration supplies and tools selling industry for many years. You can buy top-quality products like paints and tools at a good price. The product design is done in-house which presents various innovative products. 

The manufacturer ensured blissful testing and development with a strong track record. One user shared the use of Eastwood’s single-stage urethane after using a couple of cars. They got a blissful result afterward. 

Best Eastwood paint colors

Eastwood offers multiple colors options to meet the customer’s demand. Here we enlist some of those to make your choice easier.

Single Stage Urethane

Our selected Acrylic Urethane Topcoat offers blissful durability and long-lasting beauty. After using, these types of paints will keep your automobile safe from UV rays, chips, and chemicals. Plus, you will get blissful paint service at a temperature up to 300 degrees without delamination. 

Note: At high temperatures, you may face color shifting issues so, be careful. Each paint will give you coverage of approximately 125 square feet. Finally, we would like to share with you that this paint is USA-made. Let’s see how many colors are available under this paint. 

  1. Black Cherry Pearl: Would you like to ensure a cherry pearl color on your automobile? Then, go for Eastwood Bonneville Black Cherry Pearl.
  2. Blue Metallic, Night Blue Metallic: Many automobile owners love to see bluish color on their cars. Our next picked Eastwood Cruise Night Blue Metallic paint will give you a bluish metallic finish.  
  3. Orange: Now, we introduced you to the orange-colored paint name Eastwood Malibu Sunset Metallic Orange.

3D Metallić Paint

Now, let’s see the color which gives you a 3D metallic finish on your car wheels and beneath the hood. The paint size is 8 Oz and gives you heat resistance up to 250 degrees F. Plus, the cure time is 20 minutes. 

However, you will find it to be impact chemical resistant and flexible. Here contain no harmful solvents to affect the environment. 

  1. Gold: Our next Eastwood HotCoat Powder 3D Shimmering Metallic Halcyon Gold will give you a 3D metallic gold finish. 
  2. Silver: Do you want a silver metallic finish on your car? Our selected Eastwood HotCoat Powder 3D Shimmering Metal will give you what you want. 

Eastwood 2k paint colors

Another type of Eastwood paint color allows you to DIY easily without the paint gun. Your painting will be long-lasting for years. It comes in an aerosol container which is a two-chamber design. 

Therefore, you can spray the paint like a paint gun. The manufacturer uses its innovative design in the nozzle and valve section. 

That technology will give you the right ratio mixture every time. The coverage area (approx) is 5.4-8.1 SQ FT. Plus, the tolerable temperature is up to 250 to 300 degrees. 

FAQ About Eastwood Paints

Is Eastwood American made?

The Eastwood brand has started its journey in the USA. It has a USA-made tag. You may know that the USA-made product is known as a high-quality product. 

Is Eastwood single stage paint good?

Eastwood single stage paint is excellent for those who want moderate shine. This paint will expose to sunlight directly. But, note carefully that this paint may go dull quickly. 

Final Thought

This is the end of our discussion on “who makes eastwood paint”. Hopefully, you come to know who works behind this top-quality paint. This company offers plenty of color options in the painting arena. However, if you have any queries, then leave them in the comment section. 

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