Who Makes Falken Tires

Who Makes Falken Tires? Discover The Truth

Falken is not a family name such as Bridgestone or Firestone, but it is the best choice for those who want ultra-high performance (UHP) tires or quality passenger tires. Falken isn’t new to the business. Since 1985, it has been getting market share in North America. It may happen that you didn’t hear about the brand, Falken. A question may arise in your mind, who makes Falken tires?

At first, Falken tires were made only in Japan. But nowadays, these tires are manufactured in many countries, including the USA, Brazil, South Africa,  Turkey, Thailand, and China. The manufacturing facilities extended because the company grew and joined with Sumitomo Rubber Industries.

Falken tires are popular for their superior performance, and they get maximum reviews for their longevity and reliability. If you want to learn more, please read the following discussion details: how Falken tires perform and who makes them. 

Where are Falken Truck Tires made?

One of the leading brands around the world majoring in construction, design, and sales of tires is Falken Company.  This company is renowned as a tire supplier, and their tires are perfect for SUVs, sedans, passenger cars, and trucks.

Falken started its journey as a high-performing tire manufacturing brand of OHTSU Tire and Rubber, a Japanese company. Initially, the first manufacturing country of Falken tires was Japan.

The first production started in Shirakawa, Japan (employees: 1,632 and production: 10,350 tons of tires/month).

Izumiotsu, a province in Osaka, is another manufacturing plant of Falken tires (employees: 372 and production: 750  tons of tires/month).

Moreover, in Miyazaki, they also built a tire manufacturing plant (employees: 1,400 and production: 9,350 tons of tires/month).

But nowadays, to ease the availability of these tires, many countries (I mentioned earlier in this guide) outside of Japan come to the production line.

N.B. Falken tires are made in the production plants of its parent company, Sumitomo Rubber Company. These are made in Germany, California, Rancho Cucamonga, and Japan.

Who owns Falken Tires?

Falken Tire is a car tire brand owned by Japanese company SRI (Sumitomo Rubber Industries), the sixth-largest tire manufacturer worldwide.

 In 1983, it was launched in Japan and founded in the North American market two years later. Besides, it was introduced in Europe in 1988.

Sumitomo owned Goodyear Dunlop Tires North America in 2015, which added a tire production area in New York (Tonawanda, near Buffalo).

Furthermore, in January 2016, the plant rebranded as Sumitomo Rubber USA and made Falken tires.

Are Falken Tires Good?

While shopping around, many people may have stumbled upon the brand name Falken. Falken tires are famous as the mid-range option that comes with an excellent price and quality.

At present, Falken boasts a wide range of tires, including the luxury sport FK452 line and the race-track-inspired Azenis series.

Falken Ziex ZE912 is made to improve traction, grip, and handling.  It is compatible with any weather condition. 

If you need light truck tires by Falken, then choosing Falken S/TZ04 wouldn’t be the wrong choice. This tire is fit for sport utility cars and light trucks.

Currently, Falken  has 19 different models, which come in black and chrome coloring to match whatever scheme you need. 

They also have exciting plans for the near future. They will manufacture premium touring tires, winter performance tires, and rugged all-terrain tires.

Are Falken Budget Tires?

In terms of cost, the Falken tire’s prices are average. They are not as costly as some high-performing tires, such as Pirelli tires. Also, they are not as affordable as Nitto tires or Cooper tires.

On average, the Falken tires prices are between $150-$240. Sometimes you need to spend $300 and above to get even more high-performance tires. Falken tires are the right choice for those drivers who want a cheaper alternative.

Are Falken Tires Noisy?

Falken has spent enough to make their tires quieter. Thanks to its Silent Core technology that reduces the noise problem.

With this technology, you can enjoy a  relaxed and quiet riding experience. They are the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy a quiet driving experience.

But compared to other premium tire brands such as Pirelli or Michelin, Falken tires are not quieter enough.

Are Falken Tires made in Australia?

We mentioned earlier that due to the increase of its demand and popularity, many countries outside Japan started the manufacturing plant of Falken tires. 

With reasonable success, they have been in the Australian market for many years. But in the USA, they have earned huge success, especially in the offroad scenes.

Are Falken Tires made in Thailand?

Yes, FALKEN tires are made in Thailand. Sumitomo Rubber Industries, the owner of FALKEN tires, has a production plant in Thailand. This is renowned as one of the modern tire production facilities worldwide.

How long does Falken Wildpeak at3w last?

Falken Wildpeak at3w is renowned as an all-terrain tire that is designed for SUVs and pickups. According to CR’s test, Falken Wildpeak at3w features a 70,000 mile / 112654 Limited Tread Life Warranty (on all sizes).


Finally, the first manufacturer of Falken tires is japan. The scope of Falken tires’ production is increasing worldwide because their popularity is growing day by day.

Nowadays, they are also made in South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, China, and the USA. Additionally, they provide versatile applications, generate minimum noise, and increase fuel efficiency.

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