Who Makes Powerhorse Engines

Who Makes Powerhorse Engines?

Whatever, you need to ensure uninterrupted power supply, DIY, and washing car and property surrounding, you need a robust engine. You will find various branded engines in the market. Among those, Powerhorse is one that is hopefully perfect for fulfilling your demand. 

So, who makes powerhorse engines? Powerhorse Engines are made by Northern Tool. We found two countries behind this renowned brand, one in the USA and the other is China. USA design the engine and the production task is done in China. 

In the following section, you will find more information on this. 

Who makes powerhorse engines?

Northern Tool + Equipment works behind the marketing of Powerhorse engines. Donald Kotula founded this company in 1981 from a mail-order. Today, the USA designed the Powerhorse engine, but the manufacturing occurred in China. 

However, you will find a wide range of engines for generators from 2500 watts to 13,000 watts to fulfill the unstoppable energy needs of commercial or industrial. Also, you can ensure power supply to your home appliances and outdoor activities such as camping. 

Whatever model you need, like an inverter or conventional generator, you can easily get one from its store. But, the brand offers mobile generators. 

Are powerhorse engines any good?

To operate this generator, use O.H.V. (overhead valves) engine powerhorse hence it ensures industrial strength and promotes higher performance. Plus, the used materials are industry-strength cast-iron cylinder sleeves. You also found high-performance Forged Crankshafts and dual ball bearings in this engine. 

Another interesting feature is the 100% copper-wound generator head, which ensures continuous operation for a week without overheating. 

You may know that the shutdown in low oil leads to engine damage. Don’t worry; Powerhorse offers a Low Oil Shutdown feature to avoid the issue. 

What type of Generators does Powerhorse produce?

At the beginning of their journey, Powerhorse offers a variety of portable generators to meet the user’s different purposes. 

So, which type of generator you choose will depend on your intended purposes. Let’s see what purpose you can fulfill using the Powerhorse engine. 

  • Industrial purpose: Industrial machines demand an uninterrupted power supply. That’s why you need to ensure standby to avoid unprecedented power failure. An instant power failure may lead to engine damage, so incorporating this one is one you can avoid. 
  • Residential purpose: Sometimes, we need to ensure emergency power backup in our home. We can’t say when we face a national emergency (natural calamities) or if we fall into a blackout situation. So, it is wise to ensure a standby. You will find some portable generators to ensure power backup of your home appliances. 
  • Commercial purpose: Unprecedented accidents like power failure may negatively affect your business. Powerhorse offers a wide range of power options, so pick based on your demand. 
  • Outdoor purpose: Sometimes, we need power backup during outings like camping, road trips, etc. You will find different powered portable Powerhorse generators to meet outing demand. 

Powerhorse 3500 Vs. Predator 3500?

Both Powerhorse and Predator are two renowned brands and offer the same task. But, you will find some distinguishable differences; let’s have detrimental effects on seeing those. 

ParticularsPowerhorse 3500Predator 3500
Power outputInitially, it produces 4500 peak watts.Initially, it produces 3500 peak watts 
Fuel efficiencyAt 2.6 gallons of gasoline; you run it for 10 hours At 2.6 gallons of gasoline; you run it for 11 hours 
Safety Features
  • EPA and CARB compliant 
  • USDA forest service qualified 
  • EPA and CARB compliant.
Weight 99.2 lbs100 lbs

Some Best Powerhorse Engine & Washer

1. Powerhorse OHV Horizontal Engine

The Powerhorse engine is constructed with the cast iron cylinder sleeve, which aids in reducing bore wear. Plus, the manufacturer attached dual ball bearings. All those will present you with extended engine life and oil efficiency. 

Another construction material is forged-steel crankshaft which will ensure blissful strength in high PTO torque. Also, it is featured with the low oil shutdown feature to prevent serious engine damage or failure. Let’s see some of its engines. 

Our top pick will give you six horsepower that is hopefully enough for a wide range of equipment. 

If you want slightly higher horsepower, then our 2nd pick is hopefully suitable for you. 

2. Powerhorse Gas Cold Water Pressure Washer

The Powerhorse Water Pressure Washer is an excellent choice for homeowners, DIYers, property managers, and car detailers. The water storage tank is made of plastic to avoid corrosion and metal exposing damage. Another noteworthy amenity is thermal protection which protects this pressure from overheating. 

The manufacturer uses steel tubing in the frame and handles section that hopefully gives you long-term service. You can bring this water pressure anywhere using 10in never-flat tires. Moreover, you can adjust the pressure using the unloader valve. The assembly demands only 10 minutes. 

You can easily complete the assembling using a wrench and clear instructions. Let’s see some products in this segment. 

The manufacturer uses a 212cc OHV engine, including 4 quick-connect nozzles such as 15°, 25°, 45°, and soap. There lies a 3ft rear and lance entry gun to apply the water pressure. Plus, the hose pipe is nylon braided 30ft with M22 connectors. 

If you need a slightly high-power water pressure washer, choose this washer with a 420cc OHV engine. Applying the water pressure comes with 35ft and ⅜ in hose, lance, and gun. 


Who makes Power Horse equipment?

Northern Tool + Equipment produced their Powerhorse products, equipment, and tools from China.

Where can you buy Power Horse engine parts?

You can easily buy the Powerhorse engine parts in any online shop and your nearby store. 

Who makes powerhorse pressure washers?

Northern Tool is the manufacturer of Powerhorse Pressure Washer. They design the product in the USA and produce it in China. 

Final thought

Hopefully, we can clarify your query on who makes powerhorse engines using this article. Northern Tool produced many useful products under the Powerhorse to make our life easier. Hope that, you already got it. 

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