Who Makes Prinx Tires

Who Makes Prinx Tires? Things You Should Know

Tires have great importance for blissful tracing, cornering, braking, and noise. To ensure that, you have to choose the right tire. The right tire choice demands intensive research. If you have an idea in this arena, hopefully, you know the Prinx tire. 

So, the question is who makes prinx tires? Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Company manufactured the Prinx tire. It established its first production facility in 1981 in Thailand. Currently, it sells its products in over 130 countries on six continents. Interestingly, Prinx Tire got the tag of the world’s No. 35 tire maker. 

Hopefully, those aren’t enough to fulfill the query. So, let’s reveal the additional information from the following. 

How good is a Prinx tire? 

Prinx Chengshan offers high-quality and durable product designs to ensure blissful performance. Including that blissful performance are satisfying tracing, cornering, braking, and noise. Those blissful performances tagged it one of the most influential tire enterprises throughout the world.

The review says, many first-time buyers are committed to buying it again. Plus, some reviews show this tire works well in the Wet Traction and Noise level segment. 

Who makes Prinx Tires?

Back in 1976, Prinx Chengshan came to light and began its journey from Thailand. After 5 years in 1981, it established its 1st tire production plant. 

In 2005, Prinx Chengshan did the biggest thing by collaborating with a major US tire manufacturer. That collaboration aimed to diversify the products like bus and truck tires, industrial and agricultural tires. The collaboration ended in November 2014 when they announced establishing the tire company named Prinx Chengshan (Shandong).

Their production process is operated through Prinx Chengshan Tire Co. Ltd. From there, they announced producing the first radial commercial tire for trucks. In 2018, they also enlisted on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

However, Pinx Chengshan Tire began its overseas production journey under Pinx Thailand. It maintained the green intelligent manufacturing-related global standards. Currently, its global presence as a tire seller in over 130 countries on six continents. For the overall customer satisfaction, Prinx Chengshan ensures top-class research and innovation on the products. 

Interestingly, Prinx Thailand plant can handle an annual production capacity of up to 800000 units. Within that unit, they covered radial bus and truck tires. Also, they have the capacity of handling four million units of light and passenger truck tire production per annum. 

Over time, Prinx got the tag of the world’s No. 35 tire maker. They can touch about $800 million worth of annual sales.

Apart from the Prinx brand, they have other brands like Fortune, Austone, and Chengshang. 

Best Tires from Prinx

Our selected Prinx tires will give you blissful handling during highway speed, hence boosting your performance. To ensure blissful handling, manufacturers use asymmetrical tread patterns. 

Plus the material and design are perfect to give excellent results in any season. The overall size gives it a universal fit tag. Let’s see some tires in the following. 

Prinx Hicity HH2 Tires Review

1. Prinx HiCITY HH2 235/65R16 103H

Size235/65R16 103H
Section Width9.45 Millimeters
Rim Width7 Inches
Load Capacity1929 Pounds
Tread Depth10 32nds
Load Index Rating103
Tire Aspect Ratio65
Rim Size16 Inches
Speed RatingH
Prinx HiCITY HH2 235/65R16 103H

2. Prinx HiCITY HH2 215/55R17 94V

Size215/55R17 94V
Section Width8.9 Millimeters
Rim Width7 Inches
Load Capacity1477 Pounds
Tread Depth10 32nds
Load Index Rating94
Tire Aspect Ratio55
Rim Size17 Inches
Speed RatingV
Prinx HiCITY HH2 215/55R17 94V

3. Prinx HiCITY HH2 225/60R17 99V

Size225/60R17 99V
Section Width8.98 Millimeters
Rim Width6.5 Inches
Load Capacity1709 Pounds
Tread Depth10 32nds
Load Index Rating99
Tire Aspect Ratio60
Rim Size17 Inches
Speed RatingV
Prinx HiCITY HH2 225/60R17 99V

Prinx Tire Warranties

All users want a warranty because it helps to keep the user tension-free. Prinx officially offers a blissful time span as the warranty. Interestingly, every Prinx product comes with 5 years of warranty. Note: Keep your eyes on the warranty information on the official website of Prinx Tire. 

Prinx Tire Price Ranges

Prinx Tires is committed to giving you superior quality at a reasonable price. They have varieties of tires to meet the vehicle’s demand. You can check the online platform or your nearest shop. 


Who makes prinx hh2?

Prinx Chengshan Holding Limited made the prinx hh2.

Where are Prinx Hicity tires made?

Prinx Chengshan Tire Co. Ltd. established a $300 million production plant in Chonburi, Thailand. At that plant, the manufacturer made Prinx Hicity. 

Are Chengshan tires good?

Chengshan tires offer blissful results to sports and saloon cars. Manufacturers use unique designs like U-shaped unidirectional patterns. That design will give you superior cornering grip, uniform pressure distribution, uneven tire wear resistance. 


While looking for the best tire for your vehicle, you can go for the Prinx tire. You will get excellent durability and other blissful features to become a king on the highway. 

Although it isn’t a renowned brand in the tire market, but offered quality that hopefully satisfied you. However, that is all from our discussion. If you have questions, feel free to knock. 

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