Who Makes Valspar Paint

Who Makes Valspar Paint for Lowes? Details Explained

Valspar paint offers attractive finishes and comes at a reasonable price. You can find Valspar at all Lowe’s stores. But do you know who makes Valspar paint for lowes?

Sherwin Williams makes Valspar paint for Lowe’s stores. Valspar was a separate company, but in 2017, Sherwin Williams acquired Valspar for $9.3 Billion. Lowe’s is the exclusive retailer of the Sherwin Williams paint. As a part of the Sherwin Williams Company, Valspar is available at Lowe’s.

However, although Sherwin Williams acquired Valspar, it is still a separate brand. Therefore there are other manufacturers too. Let’s find out all about Valspar manufacturing, and we will also discuss whether it’s good or not.

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Who makes Valspar paint for Lowe’s?

Lowe’s Companies Inc., known as Lowe’s, is one of the largest home improvement retailers in the world. It’s quite popular because of its excellent customer service and access to a wide range of products at a reasonable price.

Lowe’s is available in most areas in the US. That’s why it can be your best option to purchase Valspar paints. Lowe’s is the only place to get Sherwin Williams paint. As part of Sherwin Williams, Valspar paint is also available in Lowe’s.

Sherwin Williams had been doing business with Lowe’s for a long time. A few years back, they made Lowe’s their only nationwide home besides their own showrooms. Sherwin Williams is one of the most popular paint brands out there today.

However, Valspar was a separate brand operating business for more than 200 years. But in march 2016, Sherwin Williams announced their intentions to acquire Valspar. The deal was made official in June 2017.

Since then, Sherwin Williams has been making Valspar paint for Lowe’s. Their good quality paints make Valspar one of the best paints available in the store.

Valspar made an annual revenue of $4.2 billion in 2016. After Sherwin Williams acquired the company, it made tremendous growth. Valspar’s annual revenue for the year 2020 was $18.36 billion.

Valspar Paint at Lowe’s Commercial:

Valspar Paint at Lowe’s Commercial

Is Valspar paint good?

Valspar offers a wide range of paints for both interior and exterior. Whether you are planning to paint ceilings or the walls, Valspar will offer good quality paint. This paint company also sells high-quality primers.

The Valspar signature is one of the best paints from the company. It is thick and offers great coverage and long-lasting performance. 

The Valspar signature also has a fast drying time. Overall, it’s even better than some high-end paints from other high-quality brands. 

Its color matching feature is an excellent tool for finding the best color for your project. There is a wide range of colors available in Valspar. 

To be specific, Valspar has more than 1,200,000 colors available! It’s unlikely that you will not find the color of your choice.

Plus, the paints are available in almost all the sheens, including satin, gloss, matte, eggshells, etc. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the sheen. Usually, Valspar lasts longer than 15 years.

However, all companies have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Valspar paint:


  • Valspar paint comes at an affordable price. If you’re on a tight budget for your painting projects, you can surely go for Valspar.
  • A massive range of colors is available to get your desired look.
  • Most of their paints come with a low VOC score, which makes them environmentally friendly and safe to use.
  • They are easily available everywhere, including Lowe’s store, both online and offline.
  • Valspar sells its paints in recyclable tins that make the brand environmentally friendly.


  • The refund policy of Valspar is quite complex.

Lowes Valspar Porch and Floor Paint Review:

Is Valspar better than Sherwin Williams?

As Sherwin Williams owns Valspar, you may wonder whether one is better than the other. However, Valspar is still a separate brand and has its own strategy for manufacturing paint.

When comparing Sherwin Williams to Valspar, the former offers better quality. But Valspar comes at a lower price.

If you want high-quality paint, then Sherwin Williams should be your top choice. Their paints are more durable and offer better coverage. Sherwin Williams is one of the largest paint manufacturers in the world right now.

But if you are looking for an affordable option, Valspar is a better choice compared to Sherwin Williams.

Does home depot sell Valspar paint?

Although Sherwin Williams is only available at Lowe’s and their own showrooms, that’s not the case for Valspar. 

As a separate brand, Valspar is available at other independent stores, too, making it easily findable all over the country.

Home Depot sells Valspar paint in its stores. You can get your desired Valspar paint or primer at an affordable price from Home Depot.

Where does Valspar paint come from?

Valspar Corporation is an American paint manufacturer whose headquarters is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

The company has 32 manufacturing plants in multiple countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, France, China, and Singapore.

Besides Sherwin Williams, Valspar manufactures its paint under several other well-known brands such as HGTV HOME® by Sherwin-Williams, Dutch Boy®, Krylon®, Minwax®, Thompson’s® Water Seal®, and Cabot®.


Who makes Valspar paint for lowes was a burning topic for quite a time. Now you know that Sherwin Williams sells Valspar at Lowe’s. 

Valspar paint was always a good paint company, and after Sherwin Williams acquired it, its performance improved. 

If you want environmentally friendly and good-quality paint at a low price, Valspar is the best option at Lowe’s.

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