Who Makes Kirkland Toilet Paper

Who Makes Kirkland Toilet Paper?

Households finish a roll of toilet paper in approximately five days on average. It’s not a matter of wonder you would want to check the background of supplies that you are using every day. When it comes to good-quality toilet papers, Costco’s Kirkland signature is one of the best.

But who makes Kirkland toilet paper? Although Kirkland keeps it a secret, several sources say that Clearwater Paper Corporation is one of the major producers of Kirkland’s toilet paper. Regardless of who the producer is, Kirkland is selling billions of toilet paper rolls every year.

Rumors suggest several other names to be the producers of Costco Kirkland toilet paper. Let’s find more about them with the review for some of the best Kirkland toilet papers you can buy.

Who makes Kirkland toilet paper?

Kirkland Signature is one of the most successful private labels of Costco. It has been trading many products, including toilet papers, around the globe successfully. However, most of their products are produced by other companies.

Kirkland likes to stay silent about its manufacturers. Maybe it’s their business strategy as they are dominating the market in this way. I had to dig a little deeper to find the answer.

When you ask who makes Kirkland signature toilet paper, the answer will be several answers. Most of my sources have told me that Clearwater Paper Corporation is the producer of Kirkland Signature toilet paper.

Clearwater Paper Corporation is one of the top pulp and paper product manufacturers in the US. The company was created in 2008 via a spin-off from Potlatch Corporation.

You do not need to worry about the quality of the toilet paper. Clearwater Paper Corporation is well reputed for maintaining the best possible quality.

However, this is not the only one company rumored to be the manufacturer of Kirkland toilet paper. Kimberly Clark is also believed to be one of the many producers of Kirkland toilet paper. That company is also the producer of Huggies.

Other company names that may be the producers of the Kirkland Signature toilet papers are Georgia Pacific and Procter & Gamble. Both of these companies are well known for producing high-quality products.

If you are wondering why Costco is keeping this a secret, the probable answer would be a business strategy. Costco is earning more than $400 million a year from Kirkland Signature toilet paper.

There is no reason for Costco to reveal the name of its manufacturers. That’s because it will expose many things about their production process. Such information can give birth to some tough competitors for Kirkland.

Is Costco Kirkland toilet paper good?

There is too little information about the manufacturers of Kirkland toilet paper. But the main thing you need to worry about is whether Kirkland toilet paper is good or not.

Kirkland toilet papers have performed better than most of the other average tissue paper brands in the market. These toilet papers are soft, wide, and come at a reasonable price too.

You may want to know if Kirkland toilet papers are septic safe. Yes, Kirkland toilet papers are two-ply, which makes them septic safe and durable.


  • They are widely available in all Costco stores.
  • The tissues are pretty durable in wet conditions.
  • Kirkland Signature focuses on offering good quality toilet paper at an affordable price.
  • The toilet papers are soft and comfortable to use.
  • These tissues have good absorbency.


  • They may look thinner than other high-end toilet papers in the market.

Where is Kirkland toilet paper made?

Besides who the manufacturer is, you also probably want to know where Kirkland toilet paper is made? Clearwater Paper Corporation has manufacturing plants in Idaho and Arizona. Kirkland toilet paper can be made in any of the factories.

Besides, other brands may manufacture toilet paper for Kirkland in any other addresses. But if you live in the US, you are likely to receive USA-made products. Outside the USA, Kirkland’s toilet papers are also made in Canada and Australia.

Kirkland toilet paper review

Kirkland Signature toilet papers are mainly bath tissues. All of them are similar in quality as they come from the same company. However, they have slight differences as per user experiences.

Following is the review for the top two Kirkland toilet paper:

  • Kirkland Signature Bath Tissue, 2-Ply-425

This package includes 30 rolls of Kirkland Signature tissues with 425 sheets per roll. Each of the sheets is 4inch x 4.5inch in size. These toilet papers are pretty strong and durable as they have two-ply.

Users have given pretty good reviews about its durability and softness. Overall, a viable option within budget. 

  • Kirkland Signature 2-Ply Bath Tissue

You also can go for this one, which includes 30 rolls, but 380 sheets per roll. These are also 2-ply with the same size as the other one.

As I told you earlier, there is not much difference. However, this Kirkland Signature Bath tissue is softer and has pretty good absorbency power as per user experience.

Kirkland vs. Charmin

Charmin is another popular toilet paper brand besides Kirkland. When you are buying tissue paper for your home, you may ask if Kirkland or Charmin is better?

Kirkland toilet papers come at a reasonable price, whereas Charmin tissues are costlier. Charmin may feel a little softer. Considering the price, I believe Kirkland is always the better option.


To conclude about who makes Kirkland toilet paper, I can say there is probably more than one manufacturer. It’s tough for a single company to produce billions of sheets every year. Clearwater Paper Corporation and Kimberly Clark are the two probable names behind the production.

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