Who Makes Titanium Welders

Who Makes Titanium Welders?

Welding machines make work easier in automotive, construction, and several other industries. If you use welders at home, you may be acquainted with Titanium Welders. But if you asked me, I should declare that I didn’t know much about it at first. Well, it’s my natural instinct to try to know the origin before using any product, especially where it is made. In that sense, I tried to know who makes Titanium welders. 

Miller Electric and Lincoln Electric make Titanium welders. Both of these manufacturers have worked in the metal industry for a long time, offering high-quality products, including Titanium Welding Machines. Many think Harbor Freight makes Titanium Welders, but they only sell them.

But are the Titanium welding machines worth it? Where are the machines made? Let’s find the answers to all of your questions. 

Is titanium a good welding machine?

Titanium makes various TIG and MIG welding machines that are highly efficient. These machines are mainly for home use for hobbyists or part-time welders. If you often need to fix broken metal pieces or like to craft new metal items, then Titanium can be a good welding machine.

You can use the Titanium welding machines for a wide range of applications without the necessity of a professional setup. If you have a good electricity supply, you can start using the Titanium welding machines.

Besides, the price of the Titanium welding machines isn’t high. They have products at different price levels. But most of them will fall on the lower side, which means anyone can afford Titanium welding machines.

Is Titanium welder a good brand?

Titanium welder is a reliable brand for manufacturing high-quality welding machines and other metal tools. The brand has been gaining customer trust since the beginning and surviving till today.

After the company started earlier in 1977, Titanium has been selling various tools through different retailers. One of the major distributors of Titanium is Harbor Freight Tools.

Harbor Freight offers a wide range of tools and equipment at a low price. Their store is available all over the USA. It can be the best place to purchase Titanium welding machines.

Besides Harbor Freight, Titanium welding machines are available in other stores, too, such as amazon, eBay, and so on. The brand is well reputable and worth giving a try.

Where Is Titanium Welder Made?

Titanium welders are located in Dallas, Texas. All of their products are made in the USA to maintain good quality. They ship their products to multiple countries from Dallas.

Miller Electric makes Titanium welders at Appleton, Wisconsin. The company mainly manufactures cutting and welding machines.

Besides, Lincoln Electric makes Titanium welding machines in several locations, including Georgia, Ohio, and California. 

They also have manufacturing facilities in Mexico, Poland, and Italy, but the Titanium welding machines are mainly made in the USA.

What company makes titanium brand welders?

Two companies make Titanium brand welders. They are Miller Electric and Lincoln Electric. Both companies are reliable for making good quality metal tools and equipment.

  1. Miller Electric 

Miller Electric is a subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works. It was founded in 1929, which means the company has been providing welding and cutting solutions for almost a hundred years. Their Titanium welding machines are quite strong and efficient.

  1. Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric is a large public company operating for over a hundred years, starting from 1895. It is a USA-based company, but they sell their products worldwide. Their excellent quality products at an affordable price are the key to success for Lincoln Electric.

Both of these companies have been manufacturing metal tools for a long time. That’s why the Titanium brand takes welding machines from them, which are of excellent quality and can offer superb performance.


  1. How many amps does a titanium 125 welder use?

Titanium Easy Flux 125 is one of the best welding machines for use around the yard or house. It uses 30 to 125 amps. This range is excellent for welding mild steel from 18 gauge to 3/16 inches.

  1. What MIG do guns fit titanium welders?

MIG Welding Guns 10′ 180A from the 15 series fits Titanium welders. Most MIG guns are interchangeable for Titanium welding machines. That means you can buy one MIG gun and use it in different welders. Some welders may have different requirements, though.

  1. How thick of metal can a titanium 140 Weld?

Titanium MIG 140 professional can weld metal with up to 5/16 inches of thickness. It is one of the best welding machines from Titanium for DIY projects. If you are a hobbyist and like to weld mild steel to make different things, you will like the Titanium 140.

  1. Is the titanium 200 welder any good?

The Titanium 200 welder is easy to use and lightweight for better maneuverability. Its build quality is better than any average welding machine in this price range. Overall, a perfect welding machine for beginners.


Now you know that several companies make Titanium welding machines. But irrespective of who makes Titanium welders, the welding machines are quite good and excellent for beginners, hobbyists, and DIY projects. You can rely on them any day for welding metals. 

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