Who Makes Kayo Dirt Bikes

Who Makes Kayo Dirt Bikes – Some Comparison

Hey, are you looking forward to off-road sports like dune bashing and racing? Then why not get yourself a Kayo Dirt Bike?

Indeed, Kayo Dirt Bikes have become the cynosure of all eyes in the world of off-road adventures. But do you know who makes Kayo Dirt Bike?

A company named Kayo Moto (Kayo Global) manufactures Kayo dirt bikes. It was founded in 2002 in China. They produce various cost-effective dirt bikes every year.

So, let’s dig deep into the article and unravel the sweet truths about Kayo dirt bikes. 

Who Manufactures Kayo Dirt Bikes?

Kayo Global, a Chinese company, manufactures Kayo Dirt Bikes. It was founded in 2002 by Mr. Jigang Dai. 

He was an engineer who worked with Honda for ten years. He knew about the hole in the market for low, cost-effective dirk Bikes. 

So, he introduced these low, stiffer suspension dirt bikes by remodeling the earlier models. 

Then he sold them in introducing them in the markets in Europe.

Later, as the demand increased, the Kayo company started branching internationally. 

Currently, it is present in other regions including Kayo Russia, Kayo Chile, Kayo USA, and Kayo Italy.

Where are Kayo Dirt Bikes made?

Till now, Ride Kayo has operated in different regions and countries. 

However, when eyeing the manufacturing process, they are only manufactured in China. Later, it is exported to the required area.

Is A Kayo Dirt Bike Worth Buying?

Are you looking for a cost-effective dirt bike with a powerful punch of features? 

Then cheer up, buddy! These Kayo Dirt bikes hit the bell right.

These Dirt Bikes are extremely lightweight and easy to carry around off-road bikes. 

Therefore, you can easily ride and maneuver over rough roads and steep trails.

Moreover, they have stiffer and fewer suspensions. As a result, they impact the bones and spines in the least way. 

Thus, they come highly suitable for climbing and jumping over obstacles without damaging your bones.

And that doesn’t end the game. They have semi-knobby tires. These tires are extremely durable, allowing the bike to handle and move over different types of landscapes and terrains.

What kind of engine does Kayo Dirt Bikes use?

Most of the older Kayo Dirt Bikes have SOHC engines. 

On the other hand, the newer, high-speed ones contain DOHC engines. DOHC engines are more fuel efficient. Therefore, they give your bikes better pickup and power.

Moreover, all of the Dirt Bikes by Kayo are 4 Stroke bikes. So, they 

  • Last for a longer
  • Are easier to handle
  • Have better performance 

Where to buy a Kayo Dirt Bike from?

You can get the new Kayo Dirt Bike from the nearest Kayo outlet in your area or dealer. (You can check for one from their website in the Dealer Locator section)

They are also available on various other eCommerce websites.

Best Kayo Dirt Bike for Beginners

Now that we are well abreast with the details of Kayo Dirt Bikes, let’s find the top 3 Kayo Dirt Bikes to buy as a beginner. 

Specifications K2 230K4 230T2 230
Engine 4 stroke SOHC4 stroke SOHC4 stroke SOHC
Displacement 223 cc250 cc223 cc
TransmissionManual 5-SpeedManual 5-SpeedManual 5-Speed
Fuel Capacity1.77 gallons (6.7 liters)1.77 gallons (6.7 liters)2.64 gallons (9.993 liters)
CoolingAir CooledAir CooledAir Cooled
Ground Clearance 12.5 inches13 inches 10 inches 
Weight231 lbs.231 lbs.236 lbs.

Best Kayo Dirt Bike for Speed 

Looking for Dirt Bike with speed for competitive racing? Here are the three best ones to go for.

Specifications K6 EFI 250K6 R 250K4 250
Engine 4 stroke DOHC4 stroke DOHC4 stroke SOHC
Displacement 250 cc250 cc250 cc
TransmissionManual 6-SpeedManual 6-SpeedManual 5-Speed
Fuel Capacity1.9 gallons (7.1 liters)2 gallons (7.57 liters)1.77 gallons (6.7 liters)
CoolingWater cooledWater cooledAir Cooled 
Ground Clearance 13.8 inches13.8 inches13 inches
Weight252 lbs.244.8 lbs.231 lbs.

How fast can a Kayo Dirt Bike go?

The acceleration of a Dirt Bike depends solely on its displacement power and engine type. 

Kayo Dirt Bikes have an average displacement somewhere between 220 to 250cc. 

This means you can easily go more than 137 km per hour.

Isn’t it amazing?

What is the warranty of Kayo Bikes?

Most Kayo Dirt Bikes come with a limited warranty of 3 months. 

All the known models, including the famous K2-250, have three months warranty.

However, the rotation 125cc comes with a six months warranty.

Moreover, the newer 2022 models come with a 30 days warranty for parts. It includes TD 125 and TS 90.

So, all in all, Kayo offers a very limited warranty of 3 to 6 months mainly.

What is the return policy of Kayo Bikes?

There is no such clear-cut return policy for Kayo Bikes. 

However, there comes a detailed warranty labor form that you can fill out and apply for a replacement. 

It asks for different information regarding your

  • VIN Number
  • Dealer’s Detail
  • Replacement Part
  • Email, etc.

How long do Kayo Dirt Bikes Last?

Kayo Dirt Bikes, like other Dirt Bikes, have an average life span of 3 to 4 years. 

However, it can last for longer if used with proper maintenance. 

But since Dirt Bikes are used primarily for off-road and motocross racing, they hardly last for more than four years.

Kayo Dirt Bikes vs. Honda Dirt Bikes- The Better One!

Both Kayo and Honda manufacture Dirt Bikes. Fortunately, both deliver good-quality ride bikes.

The plus point of Honda is that it is a known name worldwide. 

People know it for its quality supply. And when comparing the specifications of Honda vs. Kayo Dirt Bikes, the former manages to win the race.

But, on the other side of the coin, Honda Bikes are too expensive. They actually hit hard on your banks.

However, Kayo Bikes aren’t that pricey. Anyone can afford to buy them. 

And the best part is that the slightest compromise is made on the engine and quality.

To cut long story short, each provides the best in its respective term. 

Therefore, crowing either of the two as the better would be wrong.

The Final Verdict 

Kayo Dirt Bikes are made in China by Kayo Global. Its original headquarters are in China. However, Kayo branches are present in different parts of the world, including Italy, U.S., and Russia. 

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