Who Makes Super Start Batteries

Who Makes Super Start Batteries? Learn Here!

Are you striving to find a top-notch battery for your vehicle that patents with the new technology and yet has the potential to withstand the harsh punch of the environment? Then chin up, buddy, as we got the right one for you. Super start batteries are the right option to go for! But who makes super start batteries, and why buy them?

No matter how many manufacturers are currently out there in the town, Super Start batteries are originally Australian-owned products of Johnson Controls. The first SS battery came into practical use in 1990 in the western suburbs of Sydney. However, they are sold mainly by O’Reilly Auto Parts, a known name in automobile shops.

Want to unravel more about super start batteries? Then quickly grasp a cup of tea and dig deep into the article to get all your mysterious queries answered!

Does O’Reilly sell super start batteries?


O’Reilly sells super start batteries but doesn’t manufacture them.

A common misconception is that O’Reilly is considered the manufacturer of super start batteries. 

However, that isn’t the case. O’Reilly is the main retail network and seller of super start batteries, not the producers. 

They have more than 5600 outlets in the 47 states of the U.S. In fact; you won’t find any other seller in the U.S. other than O’Reilly.

Who makes super start batteries for O’Reilly?

Most of the stock of O’Reilly Super Start Batteries is from Johnson Controls. They are the original owners of SSB. 

They sell their batteries to O’Reilly under the light of an agreement signed between JC and O’Reilly to sell the JC Super Start Batteries. 

They operate their selling mission with more than 1000 outlets in the U.S.

However, in addition to Johnson Controls, East Penn Manufacturing Manufacturers also supply super start batteries to O’Reilly. 

Particularly the section of Super Start Silver premium batteries is solely from then.

 In fact, O’Reilly gave the Special Merit 2002 Vendor award to East Penn for producing exceptional quality batteries.

Who owns super start batteries?

When talking about the original manufacturers, history marks Johnson Controls as the original manufacturers who brought it into super start batteries. The first battery was made in 2009. 

However, later in 2019, Johnson Controls was sold to Clarios, who continued to produce those batteries. 

They are now known to manufacture batteries for dozens of brands like Optima batteries, MAC, Delkor, and O’Reilly. 

However, East Penn Manufacturing has now gained quite the limelight in the area.

 They also produce top-quality Super start batteries and have more than 89 warehouses.

Where are super start car batteries made?

Super Start Car batteries are made in Johnson Controls and East Penn Manufacturing factories. 

When talking about Johnson Controls, it has various Manufacturing batteries spread across six continents. 

They have nearly 105000 employees that produce quality automobile batteries for users. 

They manufacture SSB batteries at the following locations:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • United States 
  • Austria
  • Australia 
  • Wisconsin

When eyeing the other side of the coin, East Penn Manufacturing Manufacturers produce high-quality, super start batteries in their single manufacturing plant in Lyons, Pennsylvania. 

They have the latest, world-class facilities and technologies that help them develop exceptionally good and sophisticated batteries. However, they are a bit pricey.

Is super start a good battery?


Indeed, a super start battery is worth buying. It comes with various good features like

  • Temperature Resistance

These batteries have a thermal management system that helps them maintain performance over a wide temperature range. . 

They can operate at -40°C with a CCA of 800 to 1000 (Relying on the power of the battery). On the other hand, you will find these batteries perfect at up to 80°C (extreme). 

Moreover, they have a high cold cracking amp that can prevent the car from jamming or running into problems in extremely cold weather.

  • Durable 

These batteries are highly durable and long-lasting. They have a very low discharge rate, even less than 1 percent, thus contributing to the better performance and longer span of these batteries.

  • Security Features 

They also come with various security features, like the exterior being waterproof, the casing being flame resistant, and a strong sealing that prevents any sort of leakage.

Are Super Start batteries AGM?


The following types of batteries are made by Super Start:

  • Regular flooded batteries
  • Absorbed Glass Mat AGM batteries
  • Dry Cell batteries 
  • Lithium Batteries 

AGM batteries are generally claimed as a better option due to their better standing power against the following points:

  • Temperature variations
  • Electrical instability and 
  • Maintenance-free nature.

However, since every valuable thing costs something, these AGM batteries are comparatively expensive.

Can you add water to a super start battery?


If the water level for your super start battery is so low that even the lead plates are visible, it is necessary to add water.

However, be wise enough to use distilled water and not regular tap water. 

Moreover, don’t overfill the battery with water; otherwise, the water will bubble out on charging.

Best Super Start Batteries

If you are looking forward to purchasing super start batteries, here are some of the best picks:

FEATURESSSB Lithium Ultralite 12V 420 CCA Battery LFP20H-BSHVT-160D Ultra High-Performance Dual Purpose AGM BatteryHVT-70ZZD Ultra High-Performance Dual Purpose AGM Battery
Volts 121212
Regular Charge3.51610
Max Charge2444.829.4
Plate TypePrismatic PlateDie Cast GridDie Cast Grid
Terminal Height 130mm203mm213mm
Terminal TypeJSatin Forged BrassSatin Forged Brass

What is the warranty on Super Start Batteries?

As a matter of fact, electronics wear out quickly. Therefore, it is equally important to comply with the Super Start Batteries’ warranty. 

The standard batteries have the least years of warranty, mostly 12 months. However, the premium grade ones have up to 36 months. 

So, all in all, the warranty varies according to the model.

A list of warranties of some famous models of super start batteries is:

Batteries with one year of warranty 

  • Fusion AGM
  • SSB DryCell
  • Auto Start
  • SSB PowerPoint (XR)
  • SSB PowerPoint (V-Spec)
  • SSB PowerPoint (Motorcycle)

Batteries with two years of warranty 

  • Deep Cycle
  • SSB PowerSport Pro Series
  • Super Start Conventional
  • SSB Truck and Tractor
  • SSB iStart EFB
  • SSB Marine

Batteries with three years of warranty

  • SSB DryCell (Semitraction)
  • SSB 4WD and Truck
  • SSB HVT 50D
  • Challenger
  • SSB European 

How long do super start batteries last?

The lifespan of super start batteries is linked directly with the type of battery you opt for. 

Typically, a super start battery lasts for more than three years. When being more specific, it is known that regular Super Start Batteries last for nearly three years. 

The premium ones have a lifespan of almost five years, while the platinum and extreme models have the longest durability of six years or even more.

Final Verdict

With this, the article reaches its end. O’Reilly is the main seller and retailer of Super Start Batteries. 

They are made by East Penn and Clarios. However, when talking about the original manufacturer of Super start batteries, Johnson Controls owned it but later sold it to Clarios. 

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