Who Makes Echo Chainsaws

Who Makes Echo Chainsaws? Worth It?

Echo chainsaws are undoubtedly one of the best in the market today. But to make the right purchase decision, it is essential to know the product’s origin. Hence, it led me to the question, “who makes Echo chainsaws?”

Yamabiko Corporation of Japan makes ECHO chainsaws. Originally, Kioritz owned and manufactured the ECHO chainsaws. But later, they merged with Shindaiwa Corporation to form Yamabiko Corporation. The company maintains a Japanese standard for manufacturing chainsaws.

After knowing about the company, you may want to know more about Yamabiko Corporation. Is it good? Should you purchase Echo chainsaws? Today, I will share everything about Echo chainsaws with you to help you make the right choice.

About ECHO chainsaws

ECHO is one of the leading handheld power tool manufacturers. The company manufactures chainsaws for both professionals and homeowners. Whether you want to cut firewood at home or take down a whole tree for professional purposes, ECHO chainsaws can be your perfect companion.

Besides chainsaws, ECHO also manufactures other power tools such as blowers, engine drills, sprayers, generators, pressure washers, trimmers, etc. 

Types of ECHO chainsaws

Chainsaws can be of various types, such as gas-powered, corded, cordless, chargeable, and so on. ECHO offers the following types of chainsaws:

  1. Gas-powered: Gas-powered chainsaws mean the chainsaw will run on gasoline. Most of ECHO’s chainsaws are gas-powered and known for their excellent strength. For instance, ECHO ChainSaw Gas 18 in Bar 40.22 CC is my favorite gas-powered chainsaw from ECHO. Its powerful 40.22CC engine and lightweight design make it the best choice for handling tough chores comfortably.
  2. Battery-powered: ECHO also offers a few battery-powered models. While these are not as strong as gas-powered chainsaws, they are good for home usage. The ECHO ChainSaw Battery Fuel Type 16″ Bar L is one of the best choices in this category. It has an excellent battery life, and the chainsaw feels light in hand, which makes it easier to carry.

Is ECHO owned by Stihl?

No, ECHO is not by Stihl. Stihl is one of the leading manufacturers of chainsaws and the only private chainsaw company that manufactures chainsaws on its own. While comparing, Stihl chainsaws are stronger, but ECHO chainsaws are lighter. 

Who makes ECHO chainsaws?

Yamabiko Corporation of Japan owns ECHO and also makes the ECHO chainsaws. Engineers at the Yamabiko Corporation develop the chainsaw and manufacture them, and ECHO sells them through 27 distributors in Latin America and Caribbean countries.

Yamabiko Corporation was founded in 2008 as a result of a merger between the Kioritz and Shindaiwa corporations. The company is based in Ome, Japan, and ECHO distributes the chainsaws from outside Chicago, IL, USA.

ECHO chainsaws were originally owned by Kioritz Corporation. The company first introduced an ECHO chainsaw in 1963. It was a massive success, and the company has continued manufacturing chainsaws.

Currently, Yamabiko Corporation owns Kioritz, ECHO, and Shindaiwa Corporations. Shindaiwa corporations mainly sell welding machines, agricultural machines, outdoor power equipment, generators, etc.

Where are ECHO chainsaws made: Is ECHO Made in the USA?

ECHO chainsaws are made in Japan. However, a majority of the ECHO chainsaws sold in the United States are assembled in the USA.

Yamabiko Corporation has its manufacturing plants in Japan, where it makes all the chainsaw parts. Then it assembles there and also transports a few parts to the USA to assemble and sell in the United States. 

Are ECHO and Husqvarna the same?

No, ECHO and Husqvarna are not the same company. They are different brands and owned by different companies. ECHO is a Japanese brand, and Husqvarna is a Swedish brand.

If you compare ECHO with Husqvarna, ECHO targets both professional use and home use. But Husqvarna is mainly for professionals, and only a few models are for small jobs at home. In terms of quality, both brands are excellent.

Are Shindaiwa and ECHO the same company?

No, Shindaiwa and ECHO are not the same company, but they are sister concerns and operate under the same parent company, which is the Yamabiko Corporation.

As both brands operate under the same company, there aren’t many differences between their products. They both offer excellent-quality chainsaws, and you can purchase whatever is available to you.

What’s the biggest ECHO chainsaw made?

ECHO CS-800P is the biggest chainsaw made with a massive 36 inches bar. It has a super strong 2-stroke 80.7CC engine to carry out any professional wood-cutting jobs. Besides, its aluminum handle with rubber cover feels easy on the hands. It’s undoubtedly the biggest and one of the best chainsaws from ECHO. 

Why buy ECHO chainsaws: Is ECHO a good chainsaw brand?

Yes, ECHO is a good chainsaw brand that manufactures superior-quality chainsaws. My favorite feature of ECHO Chainsaws is its lightweight design and ease of use.

When I want to purchase a chainsaw for doing small jobs at home, I would prefer light tools that feel easy in my hand and have good portability. The ECHO chainsaws are perfect for that.

Although ECHO chainsaws are lightweight, they are extremely powerful. Most ECHO chainsaws will cut through any trees with ease.


After knowing who makes Echo chainsaws and where they are made, now I guess it is easier for you to make a decision whether you want to buy ECHO products or not. If you ask me, it’s a green signal from my side. 

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