Who Makes Black Max Chainsaws

Who Makes Black Max Chainsaws? Are They Good

BlackMax manufactures one of the best quality chainsaws in the market. They offer superior quality and efficient performance. However, if you are wondering who makes Black Max Chainsaws, here is the answer for you:

Stanley Black & Decker makes Black Max chainsaws. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial power tools in the world and owns several other popular brands too. The good thing is that the chainsaws are usually made in the USA to ensure superior quality.

Now your curious mind may want to know more about Stanley Black & Decker. Besides, are Black Max chainsaws any good? Let’s find out answers to all your questions regarding Black Max chainsaws.

About Black Max Chainsaws

Black Max is an American-based power tool manufacturing company. The company is a leader in manufacturing chainsaws.

All Black Max chainsaws have more or less the same specifications that can satisfy all users. The chainsaws arrive in a fully assembled package to ensure you do not face the hassle of assembling.

Besides, Black Max also manufactures mowers, string trimmers, generators, pressure washers, accessories, and blowers.

Types of Black Max Chainsaws

Black Max’s chainsaw product lineup is quite narrow. The company has only a few chainsaw models. As you might have known, chainsaws are usually four types: gas-powered, battery-powered (cordless), corded, and manual. 

But Black Max mainly sells gas-powered chainsaws. Gas-powered chainsaws run on gas. They are usually heavy duty and professionals use them. Homeowners who have large sawing jobs also prefer gas-powered chainsaws.

If you want a Black Max gas-powered chainsaw, then you can purchase the Black Max 38cc 2-Cycle Engine 16-inch Gas Chainsaw. You can do heavy-duty jobs with its powerful engine. Besides, the anti-vibe system ensures user comfort.

What company makes black max chainsaws: About Stanley Black & Decker

Stanley Black & Decker is one of the top tool manufacturers in America that makes Black Max Chainsaws. The company is an expert in manufacturing tools and owns a lot of popular tool brands.

Stanley Black & Decker was established in 1843 and formerly known as “The Stanley Works.” Later in 2010, it merged with “Black & Decker” and adopted the name “Stanley Black & Decker.” It is one of the fortune 500 companies, and the headquarter is located in New Britain, Connecticut.

Besides the Black Max, Stanley Black & Decker owns several other popular power and industrial tools brands such as DeWalt, Craftsman, Irwin Industrial Tools, Blackhawk, and more.

Although the company is based in the USA, it has operations in several other regions, including the European market, Asian markets, and several other emerging markets.

Where are Black Max chainsaws made?

Black Max chainsaws are made in the USA. You may be concerned about the manufacturing locations because most tools today are made in China. While products from China are not bad quality, they often offer fewer features to cut costs and keep the price low.

But you can relax for now as the Black Max chainsaws are made in the USA. It ensures use of the best quality raw materials and manufactures amazing quality chainsaws.

Where to find Black max chainsaw replacement parts?

You will find Black Max chainsaws in several online stores, including Amazon, Walmart, Parts Warehouse, Repair Clinic, etc. Although chainsaws are quite durable, you may need some replacement parts after a long time of use.

The good thing is Black Max chainsaws are quite popular for their superior performance. That is why replacement parts are available in almost all the popular online stores. Besides, you also find the products in your nearby tools stores.

How much horsepower is a Black Max Chainsaw?

A Black Max chainsaw has 3.5 horsepower with a 2-cycle 38cc engine. It can produce enough power to carry out any tough sawing jobs. The Black Max chainsaws are favorite to many professionals and heavy-duty workers.

Although most Black Max chainsaws come with similar engines, the length differs. The 16-inch version is the most common, but you also can get an 18 or 20 inches model. All of them are extremely powerful and offer excellent performance.

What fuel do Black Max chainsaws use?

Black Max chainsaws use good quality high-octane unleaded gasoline to run. Like every other chainsaw, these also require a unique mix of gasoline and oil to fuel the engine. I always recommend using the best quality gasoline and oil to get the best performance from any chainsaws.

Why use black max chainsaws: Are Black Max chainsaws worth it?

Yes, Black Max chainsaws are worth it, considering the performance they provide at this price range. Whether you have a small wood sawing job or heavy-duty work, the Black Max chainsaw can cut everything like butter.

The chainsaws include chain brake and tip guard for a safer user experience. Besides, the lightweight design makes it comfortable to handle. The Black Max chainsaws have a sturdy structure to ensure maximum durability.

Stanley Black & Decker doesn’t offer too wide varieties of Black Max chainsaws. The main focus here is on quality and not on quantity. There are some other superior chainsaw brands available, but Black Max chainsaws come at an affordable price, and you will never be disappointed with these amazing tools.


Now I hope you have no confusion regarding who makes Black Max chainsaws. Besides, I also clearly stated that Stanley Black & Decker makes some of the best quality chainsaws for Black Max. Therefore, if you want a good chainsaw within a tight budget, then Black Max chainsaws are the best option.

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