Who Makes Dereal Chainsaws

Who Makes Dereal Chainsaws? Let’s Know The Original manufactures

Dereal Chainsaws are a good choice if you want to install a chainsaw chain that is more durable, lighter, and has excellent design sense. These chainsaws have comfortable handles, which improve the chainsaw’s balance, and operator comfort. But do you know who manufactures dereal chainsaws?

DEREAL, based in Irvine, California, is the manufacturer of dereal chainsaws. These high-quality automated and long-lasting chainsaws are ideally convenient for work that is both productive and effective.    

Today I’m going to shed light and explain why Dereal chainsaws are so well-liked among consumers. Let’s get started! 

Where are Dereal Chainsaws Manufactured? 

Where are Dereal Chainsaws Manufactured? If you want a good quality and fairly cost chainsaw, you should consider buying a Dereal saw. This company’s purpose is to design and manufacture high-quality chainsaws.

The company is owned by the US while situated in China and manufactures chainsaws under the JonCutter brand. These saws are knockoffs, but they are of good quality and reasonably priced.

Evolution of Various Chainsaw Models

These good-quality chainsaws have been updated and evolved to become superior products. These products’ levels are as follows-

  • Dereal 38cc
  • Dereal 58cc 
  • Dereal 62cc
Dereal 38ccProvides a 3-point anti-vibration system with a comfortable handle reduced air filter and 2-Stroke Cycle Enginecomfortable handle design, non-slip and shock-absorbingpolymer chassis is engineered for reliable performance 
Dereal 58ccLightweight and better materials of the outer shelluses the latest two-stroke cycle engine, which is highly efficientquick stop chain brake makes it more secure and balancedbetter materials are used in the outer shell
Dereal 62ccComes with dual throttle switches and a high-quality brake baffle10% less fuel consumption with a two-stroke cycle engineequipped with dual throttle switchescoupled with a comfortable handle and strong built

Are Dereal Chainsaws Any Good? Let’s Talk 

Yes, Dereal chainsaws are a great option because they have a long-lasting chainsaw chain and a high-end design sense. 

It promotes comfort for maximum performance. It is offered in a variety of powers to accommodate all types of users. The proficiency of the product might amaze you.

Furthermore, these saws’ air cleaning technology removes bigger dust particles before they reach the air filter. As a result, air filter cleanings are decreased and engine life is extended.

During the operation of the machine, the mechanized oil delivery system of this prolific saw can automatically spray oil for lubrication. 

Thereby decreasing the amount of wear that the chain and other components experience and increasing the chain’s useful life. This makes the saw stand out from its competitors.

The ergonomic non-slip and shock-absorbing handle design makes it ideal for long-term use. As a result, the chainsaw becomes more balanced and safer to use. Also, this feature makes the saw much more user-friendly.

N.B.  These products containing electrical plugs are intended for usage in the United States. As the outlets and voltage vary, so this product may require an adapter.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Where are Dereal 62cc Chainsaws Manufactured? 

Typically, 62cc Dereal Chainsaws are manufactured in China.

The advantages of Dereal 62cc Chainsaws are their high power, great efficiency, small size, and lightweight. In addition, DEREAL 62cc Chainsaws are renowned for their durability. These exquisite chainsaws are produced in China.

2. Is There Any Dereal Chainsaw Powered by Gas?

Yes, there are gas-powered Dereal chainsaws available.

The DEREAL Pro 62CC Gas chainsaw is designed with two throttle switches that must be depressed simultaneously to start, thus preventing inadvertent beginning. This gas-powered chainsaw is powerful, efficient, compact, and light.

3. Are Dereal and JonCutter The Same Company?

Yes, the companies Dereal and JonCutter are the same.

Based in China, this same business produces chainsaws under the JonCutter name. Therefore, the chainsaws made under the Dereal company name are likewise made by JonCutter.


If you are unfamiliar with Dereal chainsaws, we are confident that this article will provide sufficient information regarding this. These chainsaws are lighter without losing performance. 

The anti-vibration mechanism and ergonomic handle render this chainsaw more balanced and user-friendly. Happy cutting!  

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