Who Makes Traveller Oil

Who Makes Traveller Oil, And Is It Any Good?

Traveller is a sub-brand name of a reputed company in the USA. But this traveller isn’t the manufacturer of the ‘Traveller Oil’. Now it’s a big question: Who makes Traveller Oil? 

Warren distribution, a highly reputed manufacturer company of North America, made the traveller oil. For more than five decades, this brand has been serving its clients. As one of the largest manufacturers, it is the biggest provider of private label fluids and industrial lubricants in the USA.   

In this blog post, we will speak out about who makes traveller oil and is it any good or not? Aside from that, you can learn more about the origins of the best products below. Let’s see why traveller motor oil is more famous and worthy.

Different Type of Traveller Oils

Traveller Oil Specs:

The key specification this kind of oil that makes it a brand are as follows: 

  • State-of-the-art additive system
  • Advanced technology
  • Standard viscosity Grade: 0W, 5W, 10W or 15W
  • Availability in various formulas including: synthetic, Diesel, regular and high mileage. 

Note: Some ingredients used to produce Traveller oil may be supplied from China. They always take care to make sure all ingredients meet the latest automotive specifications.

Who Is The Manufacturer Of Traveller Oil? 

At first, I thought that Tractor Supply Company manufactures the Traveller oil. Later I discovered the truth and yes it is Warren Performance, the original manufacturer of this motor oil. 

Warren distribution is a licensed and ISO 9001 certified Traveller motor oil manufacturer that has been producing since the 1970s.  This company has a long reputed  story of producing high-quality products. 

Traveller oils are very synthetic, high-quality, and high- mileage with the regular formulation. They are ideal for vehicles like cars, trucks, or tractors. 

This company supplies industrial lubricants and agricultural and private automotive fluids.  

Where Is Traveller Oil Made? Is It Made From China?

Warren Distribution made Traveller automotive oil products in the USA. I mentioned earlier that Warren Distribution is the largest brand for lubricants in the Northern States. 

Recently this company is linked with 45-countries customers and started to manufacture car oil, industrial oil, and other heavy-duty oils.

Their products and chemicals exceed API and other standards requirements. Some ingredients are sourced from China but it doesn’t mean that it is made in China.  

Does Tractor Supply make Traveller Oil? 

No, Tractor Supply Company, US-Based chain Company (founded in 1938), doesn’t make traveller oil. It is a different company that has its own manufacturing product lists. 

Although they produce different products, they are renowned as a Warren Distribution-made Traveller automotive oil seller. Warren Distribution Inc. has been a supplier of automotive fluids to Tractor Supply Company for more than 15 years. . 

Best Traveller Oil For Diesel Engine

  1. Premium All Fleet SAE 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil Formula, 5 gal. 


Traveller Premium All Fleet SAE 15W-40 is formulated with Diesel engine oil that meets all types of services for all diesel engines like low emission engines. It protects engines with EGR and old engines. It offers wear protection and oil consumption with soot control, preventing viscosity damage from trimming. 

  1. Premium All Fleet SAE 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil, 1 gal., 4 Per Case 


Traveller Premium All Fleet SAE 15W-40 performed similarly to the above one and formulated all services for all diesel engines. It keeps the oil pumping at a lower temperature and offers advanced safety from oxidative breakdown. 

This one diminishes frictions to prolong engine life which will improve fuel economy. The high film forte performs better to stress of high temperature with high load performing situations. 

Is Traveller Motor Oil A Worthy Solution For Engine Performance? 

Yes, Traveller oil is worthy and great for the money. This oil is not very expensive and also provides a pleasing performance. Here are some reasons that make this oil bang for the bucks: 

  • Traveller oil protects cars and truck engines with any automotive gear. 
  • For tractors and trucks, this oil is budget-friendly.
  • The traveller oils can increase the flow rate using the standard technology lubricants.
  • It helps the modern farm elements to track long with less decay.
  • The multi-graded SAE traveller oils perform in hot and cold situations smoothly. 
  • With this oil, you can run the vehicles for a long time without re-pouring any oils. 
  • They are widely available and can be picked from different retailers. 
  • Most importantly, it is produced by a reputable company that is extremely trustable. 

Traveller Oil Vs Rotella: Key Differences

 People always compare the Traveller oil and Rotella:

RotellaTraveller Oil
Rotella is very expensive but gives the best performanceTraveller oil is inexpensive and offers a satisfactory result. 
It gives the best performance for Zinc.Lacking Zinc, it can’t offer better performance than rotellar
This oil with Zinc offers better lubrication and keeps the metal oppressive as little as possible.Traveller oils have less amount of Zinc compared to Rotella.
This oil offers better wear protection than traveller oil.Traveller oils can’t extend the periods of services like Rotella.

Traveller Oil Has A Warranty?

 No, Traveller Oil doesn’t offer any warranty. According to the manufacturer, Warren Distribution, Traveller Oil producer company shall have no responsibility if the items become defective to the customer due to several reasons like wrong storage, infection, unfitting use, or misuse.

However, check their product’s rating track with customer reviews which assure you more than warranty.

My Final Opinion:

I have already mentioned that the Traveller oils are inexpensive and a worthy choice for money. You can get it regularly for around $20 per bottle.

I hope this blog post has cleared all your confusion which you might have searched online several times. Thank you very much Warren distribution. 

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