Who Makes Motorcraft Oil

Who Makes Motorcraft Oil?

Looking for some premium quality oil to fuel up and tune your automobile engine? Then why not try out Motorcraft oil, everyone’s first option? But do you know who makes Motorcraft oil? 

A wing of Ford Motor Company manufactures Motorcraft oil. However, they don’t make it but rather rebrand it. Infact, ConocoPhillips and S-Oil Company make it. The former operates in the U.S., while the latter has its roots in South Korea.

Yearning to learn about the history of Motorcraft oil and what good it brings for us?

Then dive into the article as it covers all the nitty-gritty about it. 

Now, without any further ado, let’s break through the details!

Who owns Motorcraft oil?

Motorcraft is one of the divisions of Ford Motor Company. The company came into being in the 1950s. 

They have up to 12 different synthetic blend oils for your car. 

The best part about these oils is that they are made by hydrocracking. As a result, they have more alkenes and chained components. 

This leads to fewer chances of knocking, thus providing your engine with a quality oil meet-up.

Apart from Motorcraft oil, the other wings of the company include batteries, oil filters, brakes, spark plugs, etc.

Does Ford Motor Company make Motorcraft oil?


A common misapprehension about Motorcraft oil is that Ford manufactures them too.

Well, that isn’t the case. Instead, it buys them from other oil companies and rebrands them.

Dogging into the history of manufacturers of Motorcraft oil was quite hectic. But here is what we come up with. 

Ford gets its supplies from the famous American company- ConocoPhillips

Apart from ConocoPhillips, there is another oil refinery in Seoul, South Korea, termed as S-Oil. Being a multinational company, it supplies and cooperates with a number of brands.

It has also partnered with ConocoPhillips. Therefore, both S-Oil and ConocoPhillips alliance produce premium quality fuel for Ford Motor Company. 

Where is Motorcraft oil drilled or refined from?

When moving to the manufacturing area, it’s quite clear that oil is produced in either the different cities of the United States or South Korea.

When talking specifically about ConocoPhillips, it states to drill oil in the following refineries:

  • Trainer, Pennsylvania
  • Borger, Texas
  • Carson, California
  • Hartford, Illinois
  • Sweeny, Texas
  • Belle Chasse, Louisiana

When considering S-Oil, the parent company has its headquarters in Soule, South Korea, and probably manufactures oil in those manufacturing plants. However, exact information isn’t out there.

Is Motorcraft a good oil?

If you want high-quality, premium oil to smoothen out the functioning of your car, then nothing but Motorcraft should be your first choice.

And here is WHY?

Firstly, it is exported from ConocoPhillips and S-Oil. Both companies are known to drill and produce the highest quality oils for ages.

The Motorcraft oil is either a blended or total synthetic concentration. Moreover, these oils have high viscosity index. 

This makes it less prone to degradation and friction. It also reduces the chances of knocking, thus adding to your engine’s lifespan.

So, what can be a better bet?

What kind of oil does Motorcraft have?

Although Motorcraft has more than 12 oil products, they all fall into 2 categories. They are:

  • Gasoline Motorcraft Oil 

The oils following in this category are API certified. They have a high viscosity index and low-temperature tackling function too. All this helps to improve the engine’s economy. 

A few common products are:

  1. Motorcraft SAE 5W-20 full synthetic oil
  2. Motorcraft SAE 5W-50 full synthetic oil
  3. Motorcraft SAE 5W-30 synthetic blend
  • Diesel Motorcraft Oil 

It is particularly for diesel cars. It is manufactured from hydrotreated base oil. Moreover, they have a highly addictive property that makes them last longer. 

It also controls soot and protects from engine sludge formation.

A few common ones are:

  1. Motorcraft SAE 15W-40 super duty
  2. Motorcraft SAE 15W-40 Synthetic 
  3. Motorcraft SAE 5W-30 F150

Pros of Motorcraft oil

Here is the reason why Motorcraft oil java managed to win every automobilist’s heart.

  • Protects the engine and its components from excessive heat of friction 
  • Reduces the chances of wear and tear
  • Lowers the chances of low temperature gelling at temperatures as low as 10 degree Celsius or even low
  • Protects against oxidation at high temperature
  • Serves as an excellent lubricating agent
  • Cost Effective 

Cons of Motorcraft oil

The only problem with Motorcraft oil is its disposal. It contains various chemicals which act as primary and secondary pollutants. As a result, it contributes to environmental pollution. 

And this sums up the con section.

Best Motorcraft Oils 

Made up your mind to buy Motorcraft oil for your car? Then listed below are the top 6 options to go for.

  • SAE 5W-30 Synthetic Blend
  • SAE 5W-50 Full Synthetic
  • SAE 10W-30 F-150 
  • SAE 5W-30 F-150
  • SAE 10W-30 Synthetic Blend
  • SAE 5W-40 Full Synthetic

How many miles does Motorcraft oil last?

Synthetic or blended Motorcraft oil can easily cover up to 7500 to 15000 miles. 

It means you can go for 12000 to 24000 kilometers without any problem.

In short, you can change your oil every five to six months.

What is the return policy for Motorcraft oil?

No return policy for Motorcraft oil is out there on Ford Motor Company. 

However, according to the return section (Part 8) of its terms and conditions, you can contact info@ford-store.co.uk. Then the concerned person will reach out.

Apart from this, all the Motorcraft oil comes with a warranty of 2 years with unlimited mileage. 

Where can you buy Motorcraft oil from?

You can buy Motorcraft oil from the outlet of Ford near you. They are also available on the online store or Ford. (To Buy, click here.)

Apart from that, various eCommerce platforms like Amazon and Walmart also have stocks of them.

Motorcraft oil vs. Castrol Oil- The Better One!

Both Motorcraft and Castril Oil are good in their respective terms and areas.

However, when considering the formulation, oil change time, flashing, and engine protection, Motorcraft oil wins the crown. 

  • Motorcraft oil lasts for 7500 miles easily, while Castrol Oil lasts nearly 3000 miles.
  • The former offers better protection to the engine against wear and tear. 

Final Verdict 

To sum up, Motorcraft oil is owned by Ford Motor Company.  However, they don’t formulate or manufacture it. 

Instead, it is manufactured from S-Oil and ConocoPhillips. Both make high-quality oil that works best in a wide temperature range.

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